Who’s Who in Black Detroit is bigger than a black-tie affair

The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s was a groundbreaking affair, bridging the gap in the African American community after years of prejudice and despair. Everything started with the Great Migration in the early 1900s. Millions of African American citizens, just a few decades removed from slavery, took their belongings and made a bodacious trek to the North. This exodus event sparked a spirit of newfound freedom for many black people. A liberation never seen or felt before, prompting a creative, artistic movement that would permeate the 20th century. Cultural icons such as Langston Hughes, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Zora Neale Hurston, to name a few, were unapologetic in their approach to representing themselves and black culture to the highest degree. 

In 2020, African Americans are experiencing a similar revival. A life-changing presidential race, rising black business start-ups, and an emphasis on all facets of black health make this an exciting time for the black community. In Detroit, the Who’s Who in Black Detroit event is back for its ninth edition after a five-year hiatus. The theme this year is “100 CEOs.” 

“Over the past five years, there has been so much growth in the city of Detroit; we knew it was time to produce a new edition and highlight the African American CEOs that have built companies or are leading companies that are at the forefront of innovation in Detroit.,” says Dr. Carter D. Womack, COO of Who’s Who In Black. Cathy Need will return as the associate publisher for the magazine portion. “We are very excited to have Cathy Nedd join our team at Who’s Who In Black and the Real Times Media team as our associate publisher for the ninth edition of Who’s Who In Black Detroit,” says Womack.   

Who’s Who in Black Detroit, a subsidiary of Real Times Media, started in 1989 with the premise of highlighting African American excellence through an annual event and magazine unveiling. The “Who’s Who” brand stretches across 25 with publications in cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Chicago.

The last time Detroiters experienced Who’s Who In Black Detroit event, paired with a magazine unveiling, was in 2015. The eighth edition theme was “New Faces in High Places,” which featured Detroit pillars such as Detroit Police Chief James Craig, Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones, and Rev. Wendell Anthony. All former honorees share the same common sediment of Detroit being that you can’t count out this city under any circumstances. 

There’s high power in the assimilation of people on one accord. This is what this year’s Who’s Who in Black Detroit event represents. It’s bigger than tailored tuxedos and dazzling wine glasses. Hundreds of African Americans in the same room, operating on the same trajectory, shouldn’t be glanced over; It should be acknowledged and celebrated. Our time is now. 

The Who’s Who In Black Detroit Ninth Edition Unveiling will take place on February 27, 2020, at the International Banquet Center. Veteran journalist Ed Gordon will serve as host for the event. For tickets: 

  • General Admission (Admission only): $50.00
  • Standard Admission (includes a copy of the edition): $75.00
  • VIP Standard Admission (includes a copy of the edition, copy of Conversations In Black, access to VIP experience): $125.00
  • Corporate Table (includes ten copies of the edition and Conversations In Black, access to VIP experience): $1,500
  • Edition Only – $39.95 (no admission)

Visit shoprealtiemsmedia.com to purchase your tickets. 

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