Chef Max Delivers Flavor with New Signature Spice Blends Collections

Celebrity Chef and Detroit native Maxcel Hardy, professionally known as Chef Max, is continuing to expand his culinary brand with the launch of his new spice line, “Chef Max Signature Spices.” Chef Max combines his culinary knowledge of spices with his desire to create a complete all-in-one blend of spices curated with the inspiring home chef in mind.

Hardy is aware of the time and effort it takes to find the right combination of spices while developing his own recipes and used that experience as the basis to develop his own blend of spices.

“I wanted to do it five years ago, but just trying to source all the varieties of flavors and spices was time-consuming, and I use several spices in one dish just to get the right flavor, and sometimes that can be frustrating. I am aware if I’m frustrated in the lack of spice blends as a professional, I know the novice to cooking should definitely feel the same.”

According to Hardy, taking the guesswork out and reinforcing the joy of cooking was also an inspiration in creating his spices.

“Let’s do something that sets our food apart before I had to make everything, but now with my spices, we are able to source one-stop spice blends that makes it easier not only for professional chefs to make great dishes but also for aspiring home chefs to make amazing dishes with cool alternatives when they’re cooking.” Hardy, continues.

“One of my favorites [that] I think most people will love is the S&P (salt and pepper) blend. Most recipes call for an S&P blend which equals a one to four blend of salt and pepper which most people who cook at home may not know, so this takes the guesswork out of the cooking experience.”

Hardy has a diverse background including his Caribbean roots, love of tacos and travels to Africa which all contributed to the development of the “collections”

Going back and forth to Africa over the last few years, I have fallen in love with the spices from there; however, it’s hard to source [those spices] here. And with the Caribbean line, it’s a homage to my roots and home. Lastly, anyone who knows me, knows I love tacos, so having a really dope taco seasoning was a must!”

“Ultimately, what I love about the spice line is it’s so varied that it provides great flavor for culinary creativity at home while still being healthy. All of my spices are no msg and no salt with the exception of the S&P Blend and the Citrus Sea Salt.”

The signature line will include five collections of spice blends (African, Caribbean, Latin, Low-Country and Essentials) all of which will be available at the initial launch.

“We will initially launch nine spice blends; however, I anticipate growing the line upward towards thirty different blends across the spice collections and to include sauces toward mid-year,” said Hardy.

Chef Max Signature Spice Blends will be available for purchase beginning February 1, 2020, at or locally at COOP in the Detroit Shipping Company located at 474 Peterboro St., Detroit.


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