Peter Karmanos campaigning for President Trump to free Kwame Kilpatrick

Peter Karmanos might be 76, but his wit and sense of information are still intact. Karmanos recently appeared on the No BS News Hour, a podcast hosted by Deadline Detroit journalist Charlie LeDuff. Karmanos was asked about his perspective on Detroit’s population, the treacherous roads and highways, and Detroit’s “comeback.” As a Donald Trump supporter, Karmanos believes in the policies of President Trump. During the hour-long conversation, Kwame Kilpatrick came up in conversation to was Karmanos said his prison sentence was a “modern-day lynching.” Karmanos was responsible for getting Kilpatrick’s latest clemency letter sent to Trump. 

“We had a mayor, smart by the way, who sat in my dining room one day and told the governor that he was her biggest nightmare,” says Karmanos. “His clemency letter lays everything all out, and you would be sick to your stomach when you read it.”

LeDuff then argues about the premise of other elected officials receiving the same treatment as Kilpatrick.

“Where’s the system for everybody else?” asked LeDuff. “Where’s it on the Wayne County Jail. Those were white guys that did that, and nobody did a day in jail.” 

Karmanos believes that Trump “absolutely” considering pardoning Kilpatrick under the right circumstances. “I’m going to continue to push for this because it’s not right. He’s a smart guy and businessman.”

On October 10, 2013, Kilpatrick was convicted on 24 felony counts, including mail fraud, wire fraud, and racketeering along with Bobby Ferguson. He’s currently serving a 28-year prison sentence at 

Peter Karmanos is a billionaire entrepreneur and the co-founder of Compuware. He’s also the CEO of the NHL Carolina Hurricanes.

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