“We’re honored to campaign in Michigan,” says Tim O’Brien, Senior Advisor for Mike Bloomberg

With 2020 in full swing, this election season is one for the history books. 12 Democrats and 3 Republicans are running to become the next president of the United States. Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg is pounding the campaign trail, visiting states such as North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Utah. Michigan is a high priority state on Bloomberg’s agenda, due to its long history as a blue state.

A recent Michigan poll revealed that Bloomberg is ahead of Donald Trump by 7 points. Tim O’Brien, the senior advisor to the Bloomberg 2020 campaign, wants to capitalize on this lead through digital campaigns, voter registration, and community work. He also wants Michigan residents to be informed about everything involving Mike Bloomberg.

What strategies have you used to put Mike Bloomberg in the best position to win the Democratic nomination?

First and foremost, we have the most competent and capable candidate on the field — that’s a strategic advantage in and of itself, and voters are clearly responding. We are bolstering Mike’s candidacy with the most sophisticated digital outreach and voter-identification operation ever deployed in a presidential campaign. We also have a broad, national network of on-the-ground teammates canvassing door-to-door and reaching out to local stakeholders. We’re prioritizing several swing states and key primary states while also running the only truly national campaign Democrats have in play. And we have a deeply talented and experienced leadership team. All of this is enhanced by our ability to acquaint voters with Mike’s journey as a self-made man, wildly successful entrepreneur, generous philanthropist, and problem-solver through extensive advertising, interviews with reporters like you, local events and Mike’s appearances. Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is evidence alone that Mike Bloomberg is already in the president’s head and under his skin.

Talk about the reception from Michiganders regarding Mike Bloomberg’s new office opening in the Eastern Market District and his block party?

We’re honored to campaign in Michigan because we know that voters in the state want affordable health care. We know that voters have suffered through a manufacturing and farming downturn, have to contend with rough roads and bridges, and want to see their education system upgraded. We are committed to social equity and income equality for cities like Detroit, which haven’t been great for all of their residents, especially African Americans. The enthusiastic reception Mike Bloomberg received when we opened our Detroit office confirmed that Michiganders are ready to embrace a pragmatic progressive who can meet their needs while also defeating Donald Trump.

Where are some areas that the Bloomberg 2020 can improve in?

We feel like we can always improve. We can listen more closely and more deeply. We can continue to innovate while striving to be genuinely inclusive of all Americans regardless of class, creed, or color, and we can work even harder than we already are to win the most critical presidential election of our lifetimes.

How do you plan to capitalize on this 7-point lead over Donald Trump?

What we’re seeing in Michigan speaks for itself: Mike is the only candidate opposing Donald Trump on the ground in the state. We’ll continue to do what we have already been doing because polls show that it’s working. We’ll highlight Mike Bloomberg’s track record and deep policy expertise and demonstrate why he is the only candidate who can beat Trump in a general election. We’ll also continue to prove to Michigan’s voters that we care about their needs and can help them discover and embrace new opportunities.

For more information, please visit mikebloomberg.com.

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