Marijuana sales halted by Detroit City Council members

In a state that’s seen over 2 million in cannabis sales over the last two months, Detroit is still at a crossroads when it relates to the sale of marijuana. On January 21, Detroit City Council voted to hold off on cannabis sales until March. This fiasco started in 2019 when the city council opted to postpone adult-use marijuana sales in the city until they’re able to review state rules regarding marijuana sales, which were announced in July. And just like 2019, Councilman James Tate is reiterating his point of making sure everything is correct, before establishing an ordinance. 

“We won’t be pressured by consumers who say we’re allowing everybody else to get ahead of us,” Tate said. “We’re not going to be pressured by the industry that says we should have an opportunity just like everyone else.” “We’re hopeful, very hopeful that by March 30, we’ll have that ordinance ready to roll and get voted on,” he said. “But the truth of the matter is we won’t be pressured by any outside forces.”

From Dec. 1-8, cannabis sales brought in over $1 million to the state. 

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