Autonomous vehicles to give rides from Detroit Metro airport to NAIAS

This year’s North American International Auto Show will kick off in forwarding fashion with autonomous cars. FEV and Dataspeed, mutually auto service companies, will provide autonomous vehicles for people to utilize to travel from the Detroit Metro Airport to NAIAS. This development comes on the heels of both companies winning the 2020 NAIAS Michigan Mobility Challenge. The challenge focused on different auto companies demonstrating their ability to provide autonomous vehicle services for the annual event.

Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist spoke about the latest advancements during a press conference. “These two companies will provide automated shuttle service from Detroit Metro Airport to Downtown Detroit for people to experience the auto show,” said Gilchrist. This service, in particular, is important because it’s going to provide true accessibility to people who have physical challenges. Officials from FEV stated that they want to “educate the public on the technology that goes into their vehicles.”

Recently, Gilchrist visited Las Vegas for the Consumers Electronic Show. While there, he experienced riding an autonomous vehicle for the first time. “I took a 15-mile ride on live streets to the airport and back at CES, and it was a tremendous experience.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration predicts that by 2025, vehicles will be in full automation, meaning that cars will be capable of performing all driving functions under all conditions. There will be an option available where the driver can control the vehicle if need be. An increase in autonomous vehicles will help curb accidents, decrease road congestion, and more.

Below are a few statistics about autonomous vehicles:

  • 75% of US voters that want Congress to apply the brakes on driverless cars.
  • $80 billion has been invested in autonomous vehicle technology over the past three years.
  • 16% of people would feel comfortable letting an autonomous vehicle drive them.

The North American International Auto Show will take place from June 7-20 at the TCF Center.

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