Event Recap: APX Management conducts music industry panel in Downtown Detroit 

The music industry is more open than ever in 2020. Gone are the unforeseen barriers that once held interested persons from entering the entertainment business. With social media platforms and streaming services, you can control your trajectory at any moment. 

Joe Robinson, Earl Taylor (Earlly Mac), Lauren McGrier (Connectwithlo), and Brad Powell (Icepic) make up the conglomerate known as “APX Management.” Together, they conducted a music panel titled “From The Intro To The Outro.” Hosted by APX Management artist, Lana LaDonna, the group touched on the collective energy that brought everyone together, the entertainment industry, and branding. They also provided impactful advice with the hopes of inspiring someone in attendance. 

From (L to R). Earlly Mac, Icepic, Connectwithlo, Joe Robinson, and Lana LaDonna PHOTO: @FromTheThroneEnt

Joe Robinson founded and built APX in 2009 around Earlly Mac, who was a rising rapper from Detroit. Earlly Mac was a part of the musical group Finally Famous, comprised of Big Sean Sayitainttone, Earlly Mac, Jwan, Key Wane, Dusty McFly, Mike Posner, and A-Dubb. Earlly Mac is now a Grammy-nominated rapper-songwriter with musical credits that include Cardi B, Beyonce, Meek Mill, and more. He also started Big Mearl Records in 2017. Robinson has served as executive producer on many creative projects and has thrown packed shows around the country, including SXSW. He’s also the co-founder of Detroit running group, WeRun313, along with educator Lance Woods. The group has received international recognition from major publications, including Runner’s World. Both Robinson and Woods nabbed City of Detroit honors in 2019. 

Connectwithlo and Icepic both joined the team soon after. Connectwithlo has thrown numerous sold-out events under her TwerkxTequila imprint, while Icepic is the in-house veteran producer and engineer for all musical projects. He’s also garnered credits alongside Dusty McFly, Young RJ, Diggy Simmons, and many more artists. Music artists Supakaine and Lana LaDonna have gained cult followings through their music and complete style of wordplay. 

APX is big on nepotism and providing for the community, so an event like this is only one aspect of the millennial-driven group. Joe Robinson lamented upon this on social media after the panel. 

“First of all, this was an honor to serve our people with the wisdom of knowledge and understanding,” said Robinson. “Last night was a dream for me. I’ve spoken on panels before, but this was different because it was with the people I grew with, and we were able to tell our stories from experiences that we had together. I hope everyone who came through got good information. Thank you for letting us tell our story.”

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