Michigan Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence issues statement involving U.S. airstrike

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence is speaking out about the Trump-ordered airstrike in Iran that killed Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani on January 2. The attack came after Soleimani’s plans to attack Americans in a “sinister” manner allegedly. Brenda Lawrence stated the following via press release:

“As Commander in Chief, the president’s top priority is protecting American lives and interests both abroad and at home. The safety of our service members is of paramount importance, and we must take every action possible to ensure they are protected in the face of growing hostility. This administration carried out high-level military action without an authorization of military force from Congress. The president must convince this body and the American people, that he has the ability to act and think strategically. I am not convinced that he has thought through the consequences of our military actions. Therefore, there must be an immediate briefing of the full Congress to guarantee the country has a comprehensive plan to address any retaliation, as well as the possible increased deployment of troops to the Middle East.”

After the attack, a barrage of jokes regarding a possible WW3 ensued on social media. Likewise, there were former and current military troops speaking out and requesting prayer, rather than jokes from the general public. While many believe Soleimani received enormous hate in his own country, recent videos prove otherwise. Thousands of Iranians met in the streets to pay homage to the fallen commander who served as the commander under Quds Force since 1979. Soleimani’s daughter, Zeinab Soleimani, said that her father’s assassination would cause a “dark day” for the United States. 


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