FCA to showcase new Jeep electric vehicles at CES 2020 in Las Vegas

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will unveil its new fleet of electric vehicles at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The event will take place from January 7-10 and feature some of the top inventions and designs in the world. Consumer favorites such as the Jeep Wrangler, Compass and Renegade will be showcased in a move that the company is describing as the “first step” in the creation of electric vehicles. The Fiat Concept Centoventi will also be shown at the event. Centoventi is the number 120 in Italian, representative of Jeep’s origin history.

Each electric Jeep Vehicle will carry a new “4XE” badge, a sidestep from the widely recognized “4×4” emblem. By 2022, FCA wants to have electric options available and 30 electric nameplates for all Jeep brands. FCA issued a statement concerning the process of creating electric Jeep models. They want their upcoming vehicles to be sleek, powerful, and an asset to humanity.

“Jeep electric vehicles will be the most efficient and responsible Jeep vehicles ever, providing absolute and quiet open-air freedom while taking performance, 4×4 capability and driver confidence to the next level. With greater torque and immediate engine response, Jeep electric vehicles will offer an even more fun-to-drive experience on the road, and more capability than ever off-road.”

FCA CEO Mike Manley first spoke about the electric Jeep Wrangler in 2017. Recently, he mentioned that he would like to acquire technology from Tesla for Jeep vehicles. “Our relationship with Tesla goes back a long way,” Manley said. “It really has helped us. But FCA is absolutely committed to reducing CO2 emissions around the world.”

In Detroit, FCA is making strides to help people fix their homes as new ground is being broken for the new FCA plant. Homeowners can receive $15,000 on repairs for their homes through the Housing and Revitalization Department. FCA COO Mark Stewart stated that this grant will help Detroiters who want to invest in their homes. “Homeownership has widely been considered a part of the American Dream,” Steward said. “We want to help our neighbors keep their dreams alive by providing them with an opportunity to invest in their homes.”

Like other car companies, FCA wants to continue being a key player in the automotive industry. With a fleet of new electric Jeep vehicles, which will be completed by 2022, the company can provide jobs for the community and assist in preserving the planet. For more information, please visit ces.tech.

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