Regional Transit Authority to test bus route from Detroit to Ann Arbor in 2020

The Regional Transit Authority plans to test an extending bus between Detroit and Ann Arbor in 2020. RTA wants to use this test to determine the absorption level for passengers in both cities. With transportation being a major problem in the state of Michigan, RTA hopes to implement this pathway into its transit system.

RTA released a statement on their homepage:

“The Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) in partnership with the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (TheRide) is proposing to offer a new pilot express bus service connecting Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The proposed service would be a demonstration project intended to establish the market for transit in this corridor and evaluate the effectiveness of other commuter-congestion mitigation strategies along this corridor.”

The service will run for 16 hours during the week between the hours of 6 AM and 10 PM. Hours will be limited on the weekends. Listed schedules are on the site. Here are the following fares for Detroit and Ann Arbor:

  • $12.00 Base Fare (One way) Available Discount:
  • $10.00 Advanced Booking Discount* Weekly Commuter
  • $6.00 Senior-Disability Fare** Book of 10 at $8 each ($80 total)

The following stipulations apply to the service:

  • Discount is available for those that pre-book their seat through the advanced reservation system.
  • Reduced fares are available for senior citizens (65+), and persons with disabilities. To be eligible, an individual must show one of the following: a valid AAATA, DDOT, SMART, or State of Michigan Senior/Disability ID Card, or a valid disability ID from another transit agency with any valid government-issued photo ID card.

RTA houses public transportation services such as The People Mover, DDOT, Q-Line, and SMART. There isn’t a tentative date in place for this service to begin. There will be meetings held in Detroit and Ann Arbor to discuss the upcoming plans of RTA. The Detroit meeting will be held at WeWork Detroit on Jan. 8 at 5 PM. The Ann Arbor meeting will take place at The Ann Arbor District Library.


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