The Detroit Lions plan to donate $600,000 to social justice organizations in 2020

The Detroit Lions are pledging to donate $600,000 to local charities and organizations for the new year. The money will be donated through the team’s newly formed initiative, “Inspire Change.” Detroit Lions owner Martha Ford will assist with player contributions for the donation.  The money will be allocated to organizations such as the Detroit Justice Center, the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), and CATCH. Scholarships, programs, and funding will be distributed to the Downtown Boxing Gym, the Pure Heart Foundation, the Empowerment Plan, the Detroit Public Safety Foundation and the Detroit Lions Academy.

This move comes after multiple Lions players took a knee in 2017 during a home game against the Atlanta Falcons. Their protest was in response to social discrepancies and impeached president Donald Trump’s remarks toward NFL players. Ford swiftly met with Lions players and stated that she would make contributions to all player-orientated causes in exchange for their refusal to protest during the game.

Inspire Change is a social justice initiative devoted to improving the community through scholarship funding, social-educational programs, and medical aid-health assistance. Ford believes that the commitment to social justice awareness is key to community sustainability. “Expanding upon our commitment to influencing social justice reform was a primary goal for our organization this season. With the support of our players, who over the years have demonstrated a longstanding devotion to serving this community in which they live and work, we have successfully established the foundation of what we expect to be a multi-year platform in Detroit. I am grateful for the players’ participation in these important discussions happening right now in our country.”

You don’t have to be a high-profile athlete to make a difference in the community. It all starts in your willingness to see a change in the environment around you. For more information on how you can get involved, CLICK HERE.

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