Detroit Entrepreneur Le’Don presents 13th Annual “Young Moguls With A Plan” Panel

On Jan. 25, Serial entrepreneur Chi Uwazurike, (also known as Le’Don) will host the 13th annual “Young Moguls With A Plan” panel. The panel will be held at the DTLR-VILLA store in Oak Park, MI from 5:30 to 9 PM. Each panel has an underlying topic that participating panelists focus on. This year, the event will center around networking horizontally and vertically, terms that describe the climate of millennial empowerment.

Since 2014, Le’Don has hosted the Young Moguls With A Plan panel locally and nationally. Branching out from fashion and event planning, Le’Don has dedicated his career to the advancement of young creatives through this dynamic platform. “I founded Young Moguls With A Plan in 2014 in hopes to bridge the gap and connect young millennials on the rise,” said Le’Don. “In five years, I’ve presented over 12-panel discussions all over the country. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with a few names that are successful in their discourse, who were generous enough to help me with this vision.

The panel will be moderated by fellow entrepreneur Ron Dance. Music will be provided by DJ Carter. Speakers include:

Amber Lewis (Social Media Manager for the City of Detroit, DJ: The Playlist Princess)

Kid Clever (Owner of CleverVizion, Regional Marketing Rep. for DTLR-VILLA)

Clue (Co-owner of Detroit service Clean Sneaker Care)

Arielle Martin (Real Estate Agent, Owner of Front & Scenter)

Keyon Clinton (Owner of Keyon Clinton Speaks, 1% Better Brand)

For ticket information, CLICK HERE.



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