Democratic Candidate Michael Bloomberg Opens Campaign Office In Detroit

Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg opened his campaign office this past Saturday in the Eastern Market District of Detroit along with local elected officials including Andre Spivey, Warren Evans, and Mary Sheffield. The former New York mayor was met with applause and didn’t hesitate to discuss his plan to win the presidency and defeat impeached President Donald Trump.

From members of the community to business owners and elected officials, Bloomberg had the support of everyone present. Bloomberg spoke about the opioid crisis in America and how he’s partnered with Gov. Whitmer to address this issue. “You have no idea just how bad this is,” Bloomberg said. “My foundation and my alma mater, John Hopkins University are working on the opioid crisis all the time. High school kids are getting addicted. This is not a science problem; this is a political problem. We have to get people to focus on what they’re supposed to be doing. We are working with Gov. Whitmer here to work on the opioid crisis across the state.”

Michael Bloomberg speaking to members of the community. PHOTO: Andre J. Ellington

Bloomberg was transparent on why candidates don’t consider visiting Detroit while on their campaign trail. “Unfortunately, you don’t see many candidates coming to Detroit,” Bloomberg said. They just assume enough people are going to vote and they don’t care. I don’t think we can do that. What I’m focusing on is trying to go to every place that I can possibly go to. I’m going to continue to do this for the next three to four months.”

People waiting for Michael Bloomberg to speak. PHOTO: Andre J. Ellington

In closing, Bloomberg spoke on Donald Trump and his plan to defeat him and become the 46th president of the United States of America. “I know Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said. I’ve cut ribbons with him when he was a real estate developer and I was the mayor. Donald Trump’s a streetfighter. I think he’s been terrible for this country. We’ve got to do something about it. He’s not going to be easy to beat, but I can tell you that I know how to do it. We’ve beaten him on guns, flagrant cigarettes, healthcare and a bunch of things. I can beat him in a general election. I think we can win, and I think we can make a difference in this country.”

After his speech, Nick Sage, an avid supporter of Bloomberg spoke about why he’s standing behind the Democratic candidate.

“I think Mike Bloomberg stands for a lot of important and realistic values for a middle-class, blue-collar worker like me,” said Spade. “He stands strong for education, I’ve met him before, and he just stands for all the right things.”

Bloomberg has spared no expense in funding his campaign. Although he entered the presidential race in November, he’s already invested over $30 million of his own money into his campaign. He’s also spent over $100 million in digital media across all platforms.

Bloomberg is the founder and CEO of multi-dimensional company Bloomberg L.P. Bloomberg and served as mayor of New York from 2002-2013. For more information regarding Michael Bloomberg’s presidential run, visit


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