Ford announces $1.5 billion investment, 3,000 new jobs in metro Detroit

In a year-end power move, Ford Motor Company revealed that they will invest $1.5 billion into various Detroit plants. This investment will create thousands of jobs in metro Detroit and Michigan.

Ford plans to start production on new cars, trucks, SUV’S and autonomous vehicles at their facilities in Wayne and Dearborn. $750 million will be poured into the Wayne facility which will create 2,700 new jobs. $300 million will be allocated to the Dearborn plant which will create 300 new jobs. The new Ford Bronco and Ranger will be built at the Wayne facility in 2020, while the Dearborn facility will start production on the Ford F-150, F-150 hybrid and electric F-150. A facility dedicated to autonomous and other vehicles will be built with investment money as well.

The addition of new jobs means that Michigan will see a boost in economic funds. Even as the conversation regarding a pending recession intensifies, Michigan is putting action behind their words of building sustainable careers and communities. The process of bringing automotive and manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. has been a heavily publicized topic. UAW president Rory Gamble spoke about the swift changes happening at Ford and UAW’s involvement in the process. “The UAW is proud of Ford’s commitment to manufacturing in the United States and in Michigan,” Gamble said. “This is a direct result of the 2019 collective bargaining process, providing additional jobs and job security for UAW members in Southeast Michigan.”

Hiring for all new positions will commence next year.

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