DPSCD receives $5.9 million grant to incorporate new student data portal

DPSCD (Detroit Public Schools Community District) is continuing its path toward changing the dynamics of their day to day operations. Recently, DPSCD Superintendent Nikolai Vitti announced that they would be changing several Detroit schools into testing and programming centers. And now, DPSCD received a grant from The Ballmer Group to build a student data portal for parents and students.

“It’s a grant from the Ballmer group and it’s exciting to have this grant. Ballmer is always very particular and strategic about how they invest their dollars,” Vitti said. “It’s going to create a portal system so that we can provide student-level information around attendance, discipline and student achievement to students, to parents, to teachers and school-based administrators.”

A student data portal will be of great benefit to DPSCD, especially as technology permeates the landscape of education. The portal will also be a helpful tool for each administration at every school. Vitti believes that a move like this will be a launchpad for more funds to be raised and allocated to other areas of DPSCD.

“Obviously it’s empowering parents. I think it opens the door for other philanthropic groups to invest in the district,” Vitti said.

The Ballmer Group invests in the advancement of the community by incorporating systematic changes and utilizing philanthropic measures. The key areas they focus on are Community, Government, Data, Non-profits, and Equity.

For more information visit detroitk12.org.

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