How fasting led event host Que Morgan toward his next career move

Speaker and spiritual leader Que Morgan credits his new opportunities to faith, fasting, and perseverance. The energetic host has a resume that includes over 50 speaking gigs, an international radio show, “The Que Morgan Show,” and service initiatives with the Pontiac Community Foundation and Rochester Outreach and Charity for Kids. He also hosted “The Millennial Meal,” on The Word Network. Now, he’s setting his sights on new ventures and interjecting God throughout the entire process.

When did you start your career in the automotive industry?

It’s funny that you ask that question because I remember when I was at my last job working for Volkswagen before this role and my good friend said to me, “Life will always tell you when it’s time to move.” A few weeks after my conversation with him, I was contacted by a recruiter in regards to a District Digital Manager position helping dealerships with their online presence. I said to myself at that time, “This is what you said you wanted to do and the company you use to point at and say with a loud voice I am going to work there one day.” It was at that same moment that I said, “It’s time to move.”

I accepted the role of a District Digital Manager (DDM) and was assigned to working with 16 amazing dealerships in the Youngstown, OH area. That book of business soon grew to 26 dealerships. During my role as a District Digital Manager, I joined the events committee and helped spearhead a few of our floor events such as helping to raise $1,000 towards Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. In my 1 year into the role of a DDM, I was offered the position as a District Sales Manager (DSM) and the opportunity to soon relocate. This was certainly the move I fasted for and one that only God could have opened the door on.

I’ll be transparent and say that I was first told no that I did not get the job offer. But I continued to believe what God told me and I kept a positive attitude, believing that even if it didn’t happen this time, then it was going to happen. A couple of days after being told no, I received a call from the HR department saying that they would like to offer me the position. I had no plans on working in the automotive industry but now I love it and my plan is to create more opportunities to connect minorities in this industry.

Talk about your relationship with God.

When it comes to my relationship with God it’s certainly a growing relationship. It’s quite similar to a platonic relationship a person would have with a significant other. It’s never a day that I don’t land myself in the world of amazement at how God would use me and why he continues to speak to me even when I give him reasons not to. But like any relationship, love doesn’t have any off days unless it quits. Each day you discover and uncover the authenticity of who God is and the uncovering of who he is calling you to be.

What were some of the things you discovered while fasting?

While fasting the biggest thing I discovered was that it’s impossible to manifest things you feel unworthy of having. It’s not enough to pray and fast for what you are believing God to do. You must believe you deserve it. I had to believe that I deserve peace as well as a promotion.

I tell myself every day that I deserve to be here, and I deserve everything coming my way in 2020. Therefore, I’m putting more practicing into listening to God and my heart at the same time.

For someone who may not know how to fast for spiritual purposes, could you give some tips?

I must say that fasting is not a special way to get God to move but more of a spiritual practice for hearing what God has to say. A lot of people think that it’s easy to fast but honestly, it requires a lot of discipline. The first step to fasting is mentally preparing. I always must prepare my mind as well as my body.

I often will watch what I listen to and even how I’m eating prior to a fast. Now, most people will give up food, but I’ve given up social media, meat, carbs, and even a social life while fasting. This is because I believe that through fasting, God prepares us and prunes us. If we stick to it, it can propel us. During your fast, stay hydrated, take time to meditate and pray, journal how each day goes, eat food that’s give you natural energy and never come off a fast and decide to have a big feast.

I know this year has been full of new opportunities for you but which three have been your most favorite moments?

Hosting the “50 under 50k Retreat” with Bank of America and Buzzfeed in Miami.

Being an honoree of the “Bee-coming Your Brand” University with The Bee Agency in Detroit.

Accepting the position as a District Sales Manager for Chevrolet and training out in the West Region.

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