Gov. Whitmer wants to protect holiday shoppers this season through Pricing Protection

Christmas season is undoubtedly the busiest time of year for retailers. With so many sales and last-minute deals, everyone is striving to take advantage of the season at once. But, there are always discrepancies when it comes to pricing information which is why Gov. Whitmer has partnered with Attorney General Dana Nessel to inform holiday shoppers about pricing protection.

Through the Shopping Reform and Modernization Act, Michigan law states that retailers must display the price of items in the store in a clear, concise matter. If a customer is overcharged for a listed price, that customer is entitled to a refund under specific stipulations. They must be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Were you overcharged?
  • Did you pay for the item (complete the transaction)?
  • Do you have a receipt?

If a customer is eligible for a refund, they must visit the retailer in person or submit a letter within 30 days of the transaction. From there, the retailer must refund the customer for the difference of the listed price and charged price within two days. They also must administer a bonus of 10 times the difference (not less than $1, max of $5). The customer has the option to open a case to cover the damages and attorney fees of up to $300.

Gov. Whitmer wants to make pricing protection a priority for Michigan shoppers this season.

“As Michiganders check off their holiday shopping lists this season, I want to make sure that they are protected at the checkout,” Whitmer said. “These pricing protections will help to increase transparency during the busy shopping season to ensure that consumers only pay the lowest listed price for their items and get the biggest bang for their buck.”

Attorney Nessel also wants to protect Michiganders against unfair pricing practices and urges them to seek immediate help, if needed.

“To ensure that Michiganders are equipped with the necessary tools to protect their generosity this holiday season and beyond, Gov. Whitmer and I are urging consumers to know their rights under the law,” Nessel said. “We are also reminding shoppers that if a discrepancy arises, we want to know about it. By visiting, consumers can review the 15 Days of Scams Calendar – a variety of consumer tips – and also file a complaint with my office.”

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