The Whlgn holds “Coats and Coneys” event at Carhartt flagship store

Detroit is headed into frigid temperature territory which means there will be a lot of fast walking, and less talking. There are some people out there who don’t have a warm winter coat to wrap their body with, which is why The Whlgn collective put together, “Coats and Coneys.”

Coats and Coneys is a coat drive infused with food and community. When you dropped off a gently used coat, you were able to purchase a Detroit Coney dog from Whlgn chef, Chef Jec. There were a variety of Coney dogs you could choose from if you didn’t want to grab a pork hot dog. To drive the Detroit inspiration home, the event took place at the Carhartt Flagship Store in Midtown Detroit.

“We want to be the bridge in the community which is why we put on this event,” said Whlgn founder, Tony Whlgn.

The Carhartt store was still open as the coat-drive was taking place. The aroma of Coney dogs permeated the entire store which prompted customers to drift over and inquire about the event.

Sponsors include Leaders Amongst Leaders, Carhartt, Burn Rubber, WeRun313, and Clean Sneaker Care.

The Whlgn (derived from the word, “Whooligan”) is a creative collective comprised of painters, photographers, chefs, entrepreneurs and more. Historically, the collective host parties and events on the 13th of December, but they decided to give back to those in need this year. As a community-driven organization, they’ve been recognized by the City of Detroit and on a national scale.

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