Allegations of narcotics corruption rock the Detroit Police Department

The Detroit Police Department is investigating the narcotics unit of their division. Allegations have surfaced of the unit’s involvement in covering up crimes, stealing money, and more. The investigation began in April, but alleged crimes date back to 2009.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig is aware of these allegations and is taking a proactive approach to getting things resolved.

“I’m extremely concerned there may be a pattern and practice of criminal misconduct in the narcotics unit,” Craig said. “Sadly, as we continue our probe, we think it’s going to grow in terms of magnitude.”

James Craig also spoke about the raid that took place on Aug. 22:

“The files we seized in the raid go back as far as 10 years, so the focus of our probe is roughly 10 years,” Craig said. “However, since the raid, we’ve only looked at the past year and a half. So, there’s a lot more material to go through.”

Finally, Craig stated that “greed” is to blame for the level of corruption within the DPD, but informing the public is a top priority for him.

“I’m not happy about what we’ve found in this investigation, but I think it’s important to advise the public about what’s going on,” he said. “Some people might want to say this department is out of control, but I would remind them that this is a DPD-initiated investigation. We’re not hiding from this.”

The Michigan State Police, U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the FBI have been called to help with the investigation.

Allegations of this magnitude aren’t new for the DPD. Geroge Hunter of the Detroit News has been behind editorial lines for 20 years covering crime in Detroit. Recently, he started a podcast called “Sins of Detroit,” which deals with wrongful convictions and injustice.

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