Michigan made $1.6 million in first week of cannabis sales

The sale and usage of marijuana in Michigan continues to be the topic of conversation in all circles.

On Dec. 10, the state Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced that from Dec. 1-8, cannabis sales brought in $1,629,007. This news comes a year after Michigan made recreational marijuana use legal. This past Sunday marked the beginning of legal cannabis sales, starting in Ann Arbor.

While cities such as Ann Arbor and Ferndale are turning their attention toward generating revenue from the multibillion-dollar business, Detroit is still finding its footing.

Recently, city council opted to postpone adult-use marijuana sales in the city until they’re able to review state rules regarding marijuana sales which were announced in July.

James Tate, of Detroit City Council, is leading the charge in the conversation surrounding the passing of the ordinance that would allow marijuana sales in Detroit.

“There’s no unreadiness to pass the ordinance to allow it,” said Tate. “There is unreadiness to just pass any ordinance without proper deliberation and consideration for what’s being proposed. Any ordinance that we put out, we have to make sure the community who oppose it and those who support it have time to review and chime in. We weren’t ready for that.”

State representatives Isaac Robinson (D-Detroit) and Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) recently put a bill (HB 5120) in place that will fast track the marijuana expungement process for individuals with criminal records.

“When we talk about removing barriers to opportunities, like access to ownership, HB 5120 is the only piece of legislation that makes sense,” said Jones. “No one should be suffering from the thing that people are excited to profit from.”

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