International communications firm WPP to relocate in Downtown Detroit

World-renowned company WPP is making good on its promise to build better futures for their clients with their latest move.

The communications-tech conglomerate will lease the historic Marquette Building in Downtown Detroit as renovations are taking place in the upcoming months. The 150,000 square foot structure, which covers nine floors will be occupied by Ford Motor Co. workers (which happens to be WPP’s biggest client) along with other employees from various sectors in business.

The building, located at 243 West Congress St. is in the heart of Downtown Detroit, across from the newly renamed TCF Center.

CEO Mark Read is excited about the new change of scenery for the company:

“We are pleased that this project will be part of the ongoing economic and cultural revitalization of the city of Detroit… As the renewal of Detroit accelerates, we hope to become a destination for creative thinkers and innovators, contributing to job growth and diversification in the market while advancing the goals of our clients.”

Diversification is an important aspect of this announcement, as CEOs have come under fire over the last few years regarding company policies with diversity and inclusion.

The WPP offices will open in late 2020. For more updates, visit their website

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