“Sins of Detroit” podcast tackles false convictions in the City of Detroit

Detroit news crime reporter George Hunter is tackling botched crime cases head-on with his new podcast, “Sins of Detroit.” Since 1998, Hunter has covered some of Detroit’s most heinous crime stories for The Detroit News. Now, he’s sharing his perspective on Soundcloud. He spoke to Deadline Detroit about the first season of “Sins of Detroit,” titled “Motor City Injustice.”

“Before you think this is just another in a growing family of true crime podcasts, this one has a twist,” Hunter said. “The entire first season looks at people wrongfully convicted of crimes, exploring how it happened and why it matters when someone goes to jail for a crime he or she didn’t commit.”

With many wrongful convictions, the victims are usually unable to afford legal services to fight their case. Also, the legal jargon that’s presented in many courtrooms can be hard to comprehend, even for someone of complete competence. In 2019, we saw such actions displayed through the Netflix docuseries, “When They See Us” which chronicled the story of “The Exonerated Five.”

Episodes 2 and 3 focused on the Davontae Sanford case, which Hunter did an extensive piece on for The Detroit News. In 2008, Sanford was wrongfully accused of committing a quadruple homicide at 14 years old.

“They just wanted to close my case and I just happened to be illiterate, black, uneducated, and poor, so I was the perfect guy to do this to and that’s what they did,” Sanford said.

The podcast premiered on Nov. 12. His most recent episode titled, “Bad Science” spoke about how the Detroit Police Department and crime labs fail to accurately document evidence into their systems.

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