Lions Must Make A Bold Move: Sign Colin Kaepernick

The Detroit Lions are the worst team in the NFC North. And that isn’t a theory. It’s a fact.  For the second year in a row under head coach Matt Patricia’s leadership, the Detroit Lions find themselves sitting dead last in their division. And the team has regressed to the point that last season’s record (6-10) is starting to look pretty appetizing. Lions General Manager Bob Quinn brought Patricia here for one reason and one reason only: 9-7 wasn’t good enough.

Quinn sent that message when the team moved on from former head coach Jim Caldwell, who guided the team to three out of four winning seasons and two playoff berths, with two back-to-back 9-7 seasons. It’s also worth noting that with Caldwell at the helm, the Lions never finished last in the division.

Since the hiring of Patricia, the regression of the team has happened at a rapid pace.

This was not a part of Quinn’s plan. After all, he hired Patricia to “fix” this. Patricia is supposed to be the man to lead this team over the hump that Caldwell couldn’t. Following a 35-27 loss to the Dallas Cowboys though, that idea seems very distant. The franchise is at the proverbial “fork in the road”. And with fans calling for the removal of Quinn and Patricia, tanking this season for a high draft pick next year is not what fans are looking to hear nor see. Make no mistake about it, you can surmise their jobs are on the line. And in order to keep their jobs, the best product must be put on the field.

To make that happen, Jeff Driskel can’t be the starting quarterback. Quinn and Patricia have to make a bold move.

The Lions must sign Colin Kaepernick.

What Is There To Lose?

The Detroit Lions were one of eight teams to attend Kaepernick’s workout in Riverdale, Georgia, sending their director of pro scouting Rob Lohman as their representation. Lohman is regarded as a high ranking official in the organization’s front office. The mere fact that he was in attendance shows that the Lions know that the quarterback situation must be addressed.

As it currently stands, Matthew Stafford doesn’t look to be returning to the team anytime soon. The Pro Bowl quarterback is currently sidelined with a severe back injury, missing the last several games, with no time set for his return. Since then, Driskel has taken the helm and while he hasn’t looked bad, he hasn’t looked great either.

Kaepernick, by all accounts, looked impressive in his controversially rescheduled workout. He looked as fit as ever while telling a group of reporters that he was game ready.

“I’ve been ready for three years. I’ve been denied for three years,” said the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who dominated headlines by kneeling at games during the U.S. anthem to protest against racial injustice.

“We are ready to play. We are ready to go anywhere.”

“Anywhere” should be Detroit. Plain and simple. His arm strength looked elite while throwing several deep balls with ease. With Stafford sidelined, moving the ball downfield has been an issue for the Lions. In his last NFL season, Kaepernick’s statistics over 12 games were respectable. He threw for 2,241, 16 touchdowns and four interceptions with a 90.7 quarterback rating. He also rushed for 468 yards and two touchdowns.

There is no football reason why Kaepernick should not be on an NFL team, and with that being the case, Quinn should be contacting Kaepernick’s representatives.

And it shouldn’t be to bring him in for a normal Tuesday workout.

It should be to discuss a contract.


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