Singer, Kenyatta Rashon Debuts Single “All Gone”

By AJ Williams – City.Life.Style. Editor 

All Gone is a soulful R&B track about holding on tight;  trying to salvage what’s left of a relationship. If your a fan of Jhené Aiko, Summer Walker, or Kehlani, and the warm love stories they write, then you will fall in love all over again as this song has the same organic vibes. 

This song directly relates to the title as simply not having anything left to give to another person. It was written from personal experience and expresses the tug-of-war battle that relationships create. The audience will be able to feel how being in a relationship is hard work. As well as how being open and honest can either bring you closer together or further away. In this case, you’ll never get what you want if you don’t express how you feel.  

Recent projects include singing with the “Samples” for the Kanye West Sunday Service in Detroit MI. Opening for Detroit’s own La’Britney at her annual birthday concert. Taking myself on a personal national tour where I had the pleasure of Singing on subways in New York City, Going to the BET awards; singing and networking with various artists and creatives, as well as auditioning for “Robi Reed”. I will also be staring in a Detroit film debuting this winter. Besides a handful of local live performances, I have been a headliner for the African American festival held in Ann Arbor for several years.  

 “All Gone” debuted on all digital platforms on November 1, 2019. 



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