For Colored People Only

Founder of Belton Media Group and non-profit organization ARTicle, Dennis Belton Jr. hosted the 2nd annual LIVE Exhibit: “Behind The Lens” this past weekend at the iconic Motown Mansion– more commonly known as the Berry Gordy Mansion. 

This two-day photographic showcase of unseen works by Belton and the BMG team of contributors themed: Colored People Only, hopes to provide perspective and highlight positive Black images in a world constantly filled with the negative. ARTicle is a group of creatives comprised of photographers, graphic designers, stylists, and makeup artists with the focus of maintaining creative freedom while building valuable relationships and creating memorable works of art.  

Belton’s idea was inspired by segregation in the past and how we are still coping with that towards the idea of integration for all today; “I wanted to do black and white on one side as symbolism to the era of segregation. And on the other side color pictures to show progress. It shows how people discriminated between black and white but at the same time, people from a creative standpoint I also like black and white pictures more and the color features play a part. And what better place to do it at the Berry Gordy mansion of history.” 

Belton also spoke on the non-profit aspect of the exhibition; “We teach through our organization, digital arts, graphic design photography, and modeling. So the people in this exhibit are some of their first photo shoots. I’m so thankful for all the stylists, including hair and makeup artists that dedicated their time to make this happen for us. 

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