Transparency and Truth at The Speak Easy Detroit

Storytelling is nothing new in the African-American community; it’s a part of our heritage. From Grandma’s kitchen to testimonies at church, sharing and learning is a way we grow and bond in our niche of society. The Speakeasy Detroit is no different yet, a more bespoke twist on a long-held tradition. Founder, Nik R. Cole chopped it up with City.Life.Style. to give all the deets and why story-telling is so important!

City.Life.Style.: What is the Speakeasy?

Nik R. Cole: The Speak Easy: Storytellers’ Edition is a storytelling event. People who are eager and brave enough to share their truth do so in front of an audience. They make a commitment to be assessable and transparent in hopes of connecting with at least one person in the audience. We celebrate the experience with a food and drink menu created by food industry friends and sounds by a DJ. Then we use the funds to help random audience members pay it forward. This storytelling event is where you come for some good Sunday fellowship.


CLS: What inspired you to create this event?

Cole: I was inspired honestly, by my own life. I know what it feels like to go through things and feel like I’m the first person in the world to experience such triumphs or tragedies. Sometimes just knowing that you are not alone, or that there are resources, or even someone to steer you to success makes the journey just a little easier. I wanted to be able to put people in the same room so that we could genuinely give and receive.

CLS: What can people expect when they attend?

Cole: People can expect a great experience. Amazing food and drinks, great stories, fantastic fellowship, dope storytellers but most of all the energy in the room is so positive and can’t be duplicated. People can expect to leave with a piece of someone they didn’t have before, as storytellers share from the heart.


CLS: How can someone get involved?

Cole: People can get involved by visiting the website and submitting an inquiry.


CLS: Where can people follow you and the Speakeasy?

Cole: You can find everything on Instagram @kitchen_nik and Facebook @NikReneeCole

And follow The Speak Easy on both Instagram & Facebook @THESPEAKEASYDETROIT


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