Peter Slaughter Pediatric Clinic: A One Stop Shop

By Karen Love

“I have four children all under the age of 12 and no transportation. It has been a blessing to have the Dr. Slaughter pediatric clinic in the neighborhoodI can bring all of my children in on the same day for school physicals and any paper work that the school may need. I can get them vaccinated in addition to pediatric care for the baby, said Rashida Johnson.

Providing pediatric care for all children where there is everything under one roof is paramount at the Peter Slaughter pediatric clinic” said Sherry McRill, President & CEO, Northeast Integrated Health (NIH) (formerly Northeast Guidance Center). 

Children’s primary health issues may come from a variety of sources.  For instance a constant stomach ache could be a sign of depression, anxiety or even bullyingBy providing everything under one roof to address health issues such as pediatric services and psychiatric consultation; to conferences with medical professionals on the spot and lab work, we can provide services for the entire family.  For a mother with lot of children being able to get everything done in one stop lifts a burden said Caitlin Vanderwindt, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. 

The clinic provides services for children and youth ages 0-21 and the clinic offers teen health care including sexual education and counseling. We also provide teen health care based around behavioral issues, in addition to pregnancy tests and birth control.

“Providing integrated health care is no longer in a silo. We try to reach as many in the community including NIH (formerly Northeast Guidance Center) consumers as possible. We can provide services for the entire family,” said Catherine Spinney, Program Director for Intake, Access and Crisis. 

Wayne W. Bradley Sr., President & CEO of Detroit Community Health Connection (DCHC) stated that “the integration of health care and behavioral health care with Northeast Integrated Health started in 2010 and the process has become a reality when the third element pediatrics is added to the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) operation fulfilling the obligation of a FQHC.” 

The Peter Slaughter Health Center is a shared Integrated Clinic & Behavioral Health Clinic site with Detroit Community Health Connection (DCHC).

“There is a sliding scale fee and people can pay a minimum, and walk-ins are welcome” said Caitlin, Clinical Nurse Specialist.

The center is located inside Northeast Integrated Health at 20303 Kelly Road in Detroit and is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30am-7pm; Wednesday and Friday from 8:30am-5pm. For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 313-347-2116. 


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