Letter to the Editor — Why You Should Support DTE’s Integrated Resource Plan

Dear Editor, 

Reliable and affordable energy fuels the engine of progress, which is why New Destiny Christian Fellowship supports DTE’s commitment to clean energy as outlined in its Integrated Resource Plan, and encourages others to do the same. That’s because DTE has consistently proven to be a reliable energy provider and a positive influence in our community. It’s also why I joined with a number of other community leaders to speak in support of DTE’s plans when the Michigan Public Service Commission came to Detroit to hear our feedback.  

Our church works diligently to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we live. We believe that we have a responsibility to assist in transforming lives in order to transform communities. DTE has been a dedicated partner in helping us in our mission. 

One of the key pillars that guides the Fellowship is the need to follow an all-inclusive approach. We also believe in the obligation to lead by example. As we work with the community to develop more engaged, educated and informed leaders, we want to make sure that their potential isn’t disrupted by unaffordable or unequitable access to energy.  

As climate change fuels the need for cleaner energy sources, the demand for affordable energy bills remains as important as ever. DTE’s plan provides a communal solution to this problem by making strategic investments in renewable energy. DTE’s plan gets us where we need to be in mitigating climate change without burdening our community with unreasonable electric bills. 

Our community wants a cleaner environment and we are proud to see DTE retire coal plants in a responsible and thoughtful manner as it transitions to cleaner energy sources. 

It is imperative that we protect our environment, but we must also protect our communities. DTE has a plan to make these changes without a heavy impact on our wallets. Because of their commitment to lead on affordability and clean energy, our community can continue to focus on affecting positive transformations. 


Reverend Horace Sheffield 

New Destiny Christian Fellowship 

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