Our Secret Supper and Roca Patron Takes On Detroit

In today’s technology, social media age, trying to create something unique can be challenging, especially in the culinary arena. The ability to bring amazing cuisine paired with custom cocktails amidst an ambiance that is breathtaking, but not overdone to create an unforgettable experience for guests can be a never-ending challenge.

Enter the Roca Patron Secret Supper series.

Combining Patrón’s artisanal, time-honored “tahona”-made tequila, Roca Patrón, with Secret Supper’s signature communal dinners that inspire intentional living, the series will travel to seven cities, the most recent city being Detroit.

Supper locations are distinct and meticulously styled to transform naturally beautiful surroundings into breathtaking dinner settings. For a few hours, guests will enjoy a 5-course menu inspired by the location and the season, while sipping impeccably paired cocktails featuring Roca Patrón, an artisanal tequila that reflects a passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail and is made exclusively from the original centuries-old tahona process to uniquely capture the full complexity of the agave.

As the evening unfolds guests cherish memorable flavors, the tranquil sounds of nature, and conversation between new friends. In the end, they walk away inspired by this unparalleled intentional gathering.

I have to admit when I was invited to the dinner, I did not know what to expect, being a fan of supper clubs and pop-up dinners, my expectation was somewhat jaded. The allure of it being secret and off the beaten path initially seemed overplayed. However, my cynism turned into excitement upon arrival to the location, and old abandoned church on the west end of the Detroit.

Greeted by Roca Patron welcome cocktails, my guest and I chopped it up while noshing on passed delectable bites of fried lemon and more (IKR… fried lemons). However, the best was yet to come. As we enter the church, the décor was transformed by with hues of gray and a long seated table as a harpist played in the background and the sunlight danced through the atrium.

Then it began.

The five-course dinner curated by dining experience with Detroit local Executive Chef at Lady of the House + Candy Bar + Karl’s Kate Williams left guests in a culinary haze of satisfaction. After the last bite was had and the last toast made, my guest and I sat back on the ride home with only one word said between us…MAGIC.

For more information on Our Secret Supper’s Roca Patron Series visit www.secretsupper.co


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