Cannabis Legal Group Helping Residents with Expungements during National Expungement Week

Barton W. Morris, Attorney and Founder of Cannibus Legal Group

Cannabis Legal Group wants to assist men and women who have been convicted of cannabis-related misdemeanors have their criminal records expunged. As part of National Expungement Week 2019, which is holding events across the country the week of September 21st, Cannabis Legal Group, along with the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, will be participating at 3 expungement clinics in Detroit, Lansing, and Pontiac.

Over 20,000 Michigan residents in 2017 were arrested on low-level marijuana offenses. Under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act in 2018, many of these offenses are no longer illegal. Of those arrests, black men age 18 to 24 are almost 10 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana offenses compared to white women that age, even though marijuana usage rates between the two groups are only fractionally different. These offenses can restrict access to employment, education, public assistance, housing, and voting rights, even after their sentences have been served.

These clinics will offer free legal advice, document preparation, and instruction on what to do in order to expunge convictions from their records. Individuals must have a valid photo ID, no more than one felony conviction, no more than two misdemeanor convictions and have been discharged from jail/probation at least 5 years before attending any of the clinics.

Those that are interested can pre-register their information regarding their individual situation on prior to attending a clinic. Cannabis Legal Group is also looking for experienced legal professionals to volunteer during the clinics with eligibility determination, document preparation and more. Interested volunteers can submit their information and availability on as well.

Expungements Clinics’ Locations and Dates



Date:September 23rd

Time:3pm – 8pm

Where:Union Missionary Baptist Church

500 S. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Lansing, MI


Date:September 24th

Time:5pm – 9pm

Where:Your Emerging Space

7 N. Saginaw St #3A

Pontiac, MI

Criminal convictions can prevent people from being employed, denial of fundamental rights and live their best life. It has been proven that even those who are eligible, do not take advantage of getting their convictions removed due to fear of denial, not understanding the process or believing it will cost too much money. These statements are not true,” Cannabis Legal Group principal attorney Barton Morris said. “That is why expungement clinics providing the education and guidance regarding expungements are so important. We have helped hundreds get their record expunged and look forward to helping as many as we can this year.”

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