#Be Scene Featured Event: Joe Smith’s Senseless -The Documentary

Joe Smith (Joe Smith Media) will be making his production and directorial film debut with the screening of the documentary “#Senseless” at the Landmark Main Art Theatre on Thursday, September 12, 2019, at 7:00 pm (Red Carpet at 6:30 pm).

“I wanted people to see and understand the devastation that families experience when they lose a loved one to gun violence,” shares Joe Smith, the film’s producer. “My intent was to have the audience walk away with a renewed feeling of empathy for each other, and to spark more conversation on ways to change how we address our issues with one another.”

#Senseless is a documentary about parents who have lost children to gun violence. These brave individuals tell their stories of tragedy, pain, loss and how they are coping. The impact of gun violence is disastrous in these communities and listening to these stories and witnessing the aftermath and impact of how lives have been changed forever, the only resolution is an immediate and profound end to gun violence.

#Senseless” weaves together the stirring stories of parents who have been brave enough to share the stories of their devastating loss. Through their personal tales of actions and incidents that led up to their loss. This documentary explores their stories and shows the devastating impact that gun violence has on individuals, families, communities, cities, states and the nation. An impact that is truly SENSELESS.

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