Kristina Beaty Makes WAVES with Upcoming WAVELENGTHS Art Exhibition

What do you get when you combine Detroit, Hair, Passion, and Art? Artist Kristina Beaty! Not your average hairstylist, Beaty has upped the game by taking hair design to an artistic level, with her exhibition in collaboration with Roslyn Karamoko’s Detroit Is The New Black brand/store.

Beaty chopped it up with City.Life.Style ahead of the exhibition to give the deets on all things hair and art.

City.Life.Style: What started your passion for hair-styling?
Kristina Beaty: Actually, just wanting to wear my own hair in trendy styles, so I began styling my own hair and I just ended up being good at it. I think it’s in the genes… my grandmother & aunt were both cosmetologists.

CLS: What inspired your direction into your unique hair designs?
Beaty: My high school Cosmetology instructor Mrs. Gail Livingston-Scott would encourage me to compete in fantasy hair competitions. This really gave me a creative outlet, and an understanding that hair is just a fiber that can be used to create anything.

CLS: How did you pivot into using hair as art sculptures?
Beaty: It started with me displaying my hairpieces from shows/shoots in the salon. The response was so great from everyone that came in or walked by, that I decided to collaborate with Sam at Design Dujour interior design. He allowed me to incorporate one of my hair sculptures into his design at the Junior League of Detroit Showhouse last year. Which was a challenge, because the room was designed to be a man cave of sorts. I decided to create a saxophone hair sculpture, (it was the first time I sculpted off ahead form). My “hairy sax” became the talk of the house. Earlier this year, it was accepted into the Gilda Snowden Memorial Exhibition at The Scarab Club. My idea that hair art can exist on interior design and fine art platforms was manifested.

CLS: What can people expect from your upcoming exhibition?
Beaty: WAVELENGTHS is a Sculptural Art Exhibition intergrading hair and design. The opening reception is September 15th 3-6pm at Détroit Is The New Black, and it will be housed in the space for a month. I am debuting 6 hair sculptures to complement the space, all of which will be adorned with my signature Glam Wave.

CLS: What’s next for you as a hairstylist and artist?
Beaty: The day after the opening reception, September 16 at 6 pm, Design Core will be hosting a panel discussion celebrating design month at Détroit Is The New Black. I’m excited to be on the panel providing a unique artistic perspective.

Where can people follow you?
Instagram @theglamtech


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