Lions’ DE Flowers Tackling Community Involvement With Detroit Teens

The Detroit Lions signed Trey Flowers expecting that he would make an immediate impact on the football field. Fortunately for the Detroit community, he had more in store. In this case, it meant stopping by the Teen Hype offices last Thursday. He walked in with the goal of learning about the teenage organization, their cohorts, and how he could help.

For those who don’t know, Teen HYPE (Helping Youth by Providing Education) is an organization based out of Detroit that has “reached more than 35,000 Detroit-area youth through programming that assures every young person reaches their potential”. Several members of Teen HYPE shared experiences with Flowers, that led them to join the youth development group.  The “Family” environment was a central theme. Flowers from a family of 10 siblings.  of being in the right room to use his platform.

“I’m not an in the limelight type of guy”, said Flowers. “I’m reserved and conservative. [But] as much as I learn [about] myself, I’ve learned that I am able to inspire others such as people and kids looking up to me. I had to understand that I do have a voice that does encourage and inspire people.”

Round Table Discussion

Members of Teen Hype took advantage of the opportunity to ask the former Arkansas Razorback a bevy of questions. Topics ranged from his upbringing to how he handled constant relocation.  Flowers was asked if his visit was a “one-off” ordeal or whether he really planned to make a change. It was at this moment that the conversation took a serious tone.

“I definitely plan to do a lot in the community. I love children and for me, kids got a different outlook on life and a different opportunity”, said Flowers. “As you get older, those opportunities tend to dwindle. If you can encourage kids at this age or younger age, you can help them take advantage of those opportunities. That’s what I plan to do.

From a quick dance battle to the teens teaching Flowers how to do fraternity/sorority style “step”, the visit ended with all smiles. And a rousing send-off.

This was the first of many stops for Flowers and new “Flowers of The Future Foundation”.  Their mission is to establish community engagement, promote physical fitness and developing positive values and engagement through philanthropic efforts.

Flowers recently signed a five-year, $90 million deal with the Lions this past off-season.

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