New Film By Detroit Native Imagines Post Roe v. Wade America

With states recently passing abortion bans, the new short film “It Happened One Night” gives a realistic depiction of what the future of America will be if state legislators continue to follow suit. The short, showcased at the Global Women in Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival, examines an America that has overthrown Roe v. Wade and turned a blind eye to sexual assault victims.

The pro-choice short film was written, directed and produced by Jabree Webber; a recent graduate of the University of Southern California with an MFA in Film and TV Production program. Starring General

Hospital’s Paulina Bugembe and Drumline: A New Beat’s Duain Richmond, the film highlights a distressing decision for a woman with an unintended pregnancy in the aftermath of sexual assault. Incorporating the conversations of #MeToo and #ProChoice, this film personifies the negative consequences that could occur with state legislatures banning abortion.

The ten minute short follows Bugembe’s character Tia as she grapples with a tough reality after returning home from a scheduled procedure. Unbeknownst to Daniel, her fiancé portrayed by Richmond, Tia’s choice inspires a point of contention for the couple who would otherwise be happily in love. With the pressures of the outside world rising, the couple struggles to maintain their relationship and are forced to make a hard decision about their future together.

“In this film, I explore the influence of money and power as it pertains to sexual assault and the survivors’ livelihood,” said filmmaker Jabree Webber. “Additionally, I explore the topic of sexual assault and how it affects survivors in their day-to-day, interpersonal relationships.”

This film is important and timely as state legislators across the country continue to pass laws banning abortions without any exceptions for rape or incest. The film links key issues of pro-choice and sexual assault as it illustrates a possible outcome for women in America as these new state laws pose a severe threat to overturning Roe V. Wade by the Supreme Court.

“I am utilizing my voice and talent to raise awareness around this issue,” said Webber. “This film is a piece about social issues that affect our country as a whole.”

“It Happened One Night” has also been screened at the Independent Shorts Awards and will be screened at the LA Shorts International Film Festival, the Bronze Lens Film Festival, the African World Film Festival, and the Global Impact Film Festival this summer. Follow this link to view the film trailer — “IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT.” Follow “It Happened One Night” on Instagram at @ihonfilm.



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