Baton Rouge Museum Owner Found Dead In Trunk Of Car

Sadie Roberts-Joseph was a beloved figure in the Baton Rouge community of Louisiana. She’s renown for her work as an educator and curator. She is now dead at 75.

Police officials discovered her body Friday afternoon in an abandoned car trunk. The vehicle was three miles from her home.

Roberts-Joseph is the founder of the non-profit Odell S. Williams Now & Then Museum of African-American History. The museum opened in 2001 and has been the home of the city’s annual Juneteenth celebration.

Her work in the Baton Rouge community did not stop with the museum. Robert-Joseph also founded the non-profit Community Against Drugs and Violence. Through this organization, Roberts-Joseph worked to cultivate a safe environment for the youth of the North Baton Rouge area.

The Baton Rouge Police Department commented on its Facebook page about Roberts-Joseph:

“Ms. Sadie was a tireless advocate of peace in the community. We had opportunities to work with her on so many levels. From assisting with her bicycle giveaway at the African American Museum to working with the organization she started called CADAV (Community Against Drugs and Violence). Ms. Sadie is a treasure to our community. She will be missed by BRPD and her loss will be felt in the community she served.”



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