Street CREDit launches ‘Five and Grind’ summer co-work campaign

According to Webster’s Dictionary, street credit is the acceptance and respect of people who consider you to be part of their culture. At Street CREDit, the family-owned co-working space in Detroit’s Rivertown neighborhood, the space allows entrepreneurs to expand their brands and brains alongside other aspiring hard working individuals who think like them.

To kick-off the summer, Street CREDit launched a special called “Five and Grind” that will last throughout the summer. A fee of just $5 allows you access to the Street CREDit’s co-working suite for up to five hours each day, from 3-8 p.m. Thursday and Friday and 12-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. During those times, individuals will have access to everything they need to work, launch a new venture or expand a current brand, including wireless high-speed internet, cable television, complimentary beverage bar, printing, help desk, and more.

“You’ll see all kinds of different businesses and brands here at Street CREDit,” said Chris Jefferson, co-creator of Five and Grind. “For example, during Detroit Startup Week, we had our photographers here doing some editing. We had publicists here doing their reports and we had others building their businesses from the ground up with their teams. That’s the beauty of Five and Grind; it’s not specific to just one type of business in particular and we have resources here to help you.”

Street CREDit’s co-working suite is equipped with smart tables,wireless high-speed internet, cable television, and plenty of leg room.

Five and Grind was designed to be an incubator space for young professionals and budding entrepreneurs. It is similar to what Pony Ride Detroit, WeWork, and TechTown Detroit offer, but offers a different vibe for those who want to listen to Nipsey Hussle while they work, and maybe play a game of Connect 4 while on break.

“I want this to be a resource for business owners and creatives,” Jefferson added. “The goal is for this to be a place where people can work and grow, and it’s for us. And we are right here in the neighborhood.”

Street CREDit is owned by the Crawford family: Joseph I, Sylvia, Joseph II, Jordan, and Jalen. They purchased the building at 6340 East Jefferson Avenue under the family business name, Crawford Real Estate and Development (CRED), and held family meetings every Monday to brainstorm names and ideas. They wrote down over 100 names until Street CREDit was the one that made the most sense. It officially opened in August 2018.

“We bought this space knowing we needed property,” said Jalen Crawford, co-creator of Five and Grind. “We began to renovate it, but had no idea what to do with it. From our struggles of starting a small business, we came up with an idea to use this space to help others build and grow their small businesses.”

“My mother is the one who really pushed us to get this space. We were working out of the Northwest Activities Center and they were fighting against us at time. She said she was done there, and we ended up here.”

The Street CREDit co-working suite also comes with large games of Connect 4 and putt putt golf.

Street CREDit is more than a co-working space. Once the sun sets, the smart tables are stored away, and the space is transformed into an event space for wedding receptions, birthday parties, fashions shows or any event you can think of. The family even relocated its Pro Shop from the Northwest Activities Center to the building. Started in 2015, the Pro Shop is stocked with shower and locker room necessities, to sports equipment, clothing, and essentials. Its goal it to support and help people successfully pursue their health, fitness, recreational, and competitive sports goals.


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