Vibe Ride Detroit cycles into downtown

Detroit is known as one of the more unfit cities in America. It is hard to put down the Coney dogs with extra chili and Detroit-style pizza. But fitness enthusiasts are trying to change that narrative and get Detroiters into the best shape of their lives. The latest being Vibe Ride Detroit, which will open a new fitness space in Greektown at 1026 Randolph.

Vibe Ride Detroit will integrate a state-of-the-art fitness facility featuring premium sound and high-tech lighting components, with innovative workouts and a comprehensive corporate wellness program. It will have a grand opening July 20 to showcase the space, as well as preview its cycling classes and introduce its Detroit lead instructor team. Classes officially open to the public July 22.

“I want Vibe Ride Detroit to be a non-judgmental space that is accessible to diverse audiences, inclusive of all races, sexual preferences, income levels, body types, and fitness levels,” said Latricia Wilder, owner of Vibe Ride Detroit. “Our goal is to fill a void in the market, while giving back to the community that gave so much to me.”

Wilder is a Detroiter to the core. She grew up on the city’s west side near Seven Mile and Greenfield and attended Cass Tech High School. She attended college at Howard University and after living and attending group fitness classes in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and New York, realized Detroit was missing the boutique fitness studios and classes that were offered in other cities around the country. So she decided to bring one to her hometown.

“I’ve always loved Detroit and I’ve been trying to bring things back to the city,” said Wilder, who could have opened her fitness studio last year, but wanted to be downtown. “I feel, once you’re from Detroit, you’re always rooted there. A lot of fitness places I had seen around the country weren’t coming to Detroit. I met these young ladies that opened up the Vibe Ride Atlanta studio and they shared a similar story. I thought it would be great for Detroit, so I took my 401K out, and put my money into bringing Vibe Ride to Detroit.”

Vibe Ride Detroit will feature 40 cycling bikes, with walk-in cycling classes priced at just $22.

Vibe Ride Detroit enables and empowers its members to define fitness for themselves by building a fitness community dedicated to consistent improvement in an open, supportive, and dynamic environment. The fitness experience will specialize in indoor cycling, while offering barre, TRX training, body sculpting, yoga, Pound classes, and other premium group classes in another studio. The offered classes will focus on high-energy, high impact, motivating workouts. The innovation of live DJs and music videos, paired with real-time performance data and aromatherapy, will aid in attendees achieving their personal health and wellness goals. Wilder said there will also be nutritionists, massage therapists, and even mental health experts available.

“We’re the only cycling studio in downtown Detroit and we’re literally a party on a bike,” said Wilder. “The entire vibe is to make working out fun and getting away from the bigger gyms.”

The Vibe Ride Detroit studio will be the third location in the U.S. and the first location outside of Atlanta. It will feature 40 cycling bikes, with walk-in cycling classes priced at just $22, showers, personal dressing rooms, and digital personal lockers. It will also staff about 7-10 employees, and 13 instructors to start. There are job openings still listed on the website.

Wilder said 10 percent of Vibe Ride Detroit’s revenue will go to various charities and non-profits in the city. It has already donated yoga mats to the Detroit Public Schools Community District through Yoganic Flow and will donate to Motor City S.T.E.A.M. during its first quarter of giving back.

“Giving back to others is important to me because it was very hard for me to get my business off the ground,” said Wilder. “That’s my way of tithing back to the city. I’m a DPS kid, so how can I not give back to other DPS kids? I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for Detroit.”

Vibe Ride Detroit’s launch party event July 20 is from 2-6 p.m. There will be three cycling class, a live DJ, appetizers, a local juicer, and much more. All guests are required to RSVP via Eventbrite.


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