Rep. Andy Levin Slams Trump’s Continued Assault on Americans’ Health Care

As the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals hears oral arguments in Republicans’ Texas v. U.S. lawsuit, Congressman Andy Levin responded to Republicans’ latest efforts to strike down protections for people with pre-existing conditions and highlighted the devastating effects the lawsuit could have on Michigan families.

Congressman Andy Levin

“I’m a two-time cancer survivor and father of two kids with Crohn’s disease. The Trump Administration’s relentless assault on people with pre-existing conditions makes me mad as hell,” said Congressman Andy Levin. “I was sent to Congress by Michiganders who demanded that I defend the quality, affordable health care that their families rely on. On day one of the new Congress, House Democrats voted to throw the full legal weight of the House of Representatives against this disastrous GOP lawsuit. We continue to honor our promise to the American people to safeguard protections for pre-existing conditions and the health care of all Americans. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration relentlessly pursues its shameful assault on Americans’ health care. If its lawsuit is successful, the protections for people with pre-existing conditions will be eviscerated and millions of Americans will lose their coverage.”

If the Trump Administration gets its way, the health and financial well-being of Michigan families will be devastated by the GOP’s reckless health care assault:

  • 4,110,300 – Number of Michiganders who have pre-existing conditions and will lose their protections.
    • Including 527,600 children, 2,038,000 women and 1,024,000 people between ages 55 and 64 in Michigan.
  • 720,000 – Number of Michiganders who could lose all health care coverage.
  • 73,000 – Young adults under age 26 in Michigan who could lose the ability to remain on their parents’ insurance.
  • $3,357 – Amount of a new “Age Tax” that insurance companies could charge Michiganders over the age of 50.
  • 3,547,000 – Number of Michiganders who could face reinstated lifetime and annual limits on coverage.
  • 219,996 – Number of Michiganders who will pay more for coverage without access to health insurance affordability tax credits.
  • 203,864 – Number of Michigan seniors who could have to pay more for their prescription drugs.

Congressman Levin has fought hard to advance the House Democrats’ For The People Agenda, including by introducing the STOP GAMES Act, which would prevent drug companies from gaming the system and increase access to generics to lower drug prices.


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