Detroit vs. Everybody and The Lodge Boyz promote ‘We on the Lodge wit it’ shirts

Detroiters have been having a field day with the saying “We on the Lodge wit it.” The saying was shouted by a woman who filmed a viral video of Dodge Charger Hellcats blocking off a section of the John C. Lodge Freeway as other cars did doughnuts, blocking traffic, before police showed up.

Since then, memes, rap and jit videos, and even t-shirts have popped up all over Detroit. Tommey Walker Jr., owner and creator of Detroit Vs. Everybody (DVE) jumped in on the action, but took his creativity to the next level.

Tuesday morning, he created a black t-shirt with white lettering that read “We on the Lodge wit it” on the front and an M-10 sign on the back. Walker also recruited The Lodge Boyz, a local Detroit rap duo to model his new merchandise at a section along the Lodge Freeway.

“I just wanted to commemorate a moment in time and the culture of the city of Detroit,” said Walker. “Although it had an illegal overtone, no one was harmed, no blood was spilled, and it was just a nuisance. I was inspired by the moment and I wanted to use my platform to capture a moment in time for the City of Detroit.”

The Lodge Boyz consists of rappers Mack Nickels (left) and Lodge Boy Woe (right). In 2007 the Lodge Boyz released their first album “The Bags Inn”, which had features from local Detroit rappers K-Doe a.k.a. K-Deezy, Helluva, Stretch Money, and Cashout. One of their more well-known tunes off the album was “Work.”

Walker was able to gather Mack and Woe for an impromptu photo shoot along the Lodge Freeway.

“The Lodge Boyz are a part of Detroit history and culture and it was only right that they were involved in this,” Walker said. “One of my warehouse managers has a personal relationship with them, so it all came together. They were excited and proud about doing it, and they were the first to receive the merchandise, even before me.”

Walker said sales of the shirt have done well so far, but that it will be a limited edition item. The shirts are on sale for three days and 13 hours only, paying homage to Detroit’s famous 313 area code. Meaning, Friday is the final day to buy one and hit the Lodge with it! The shirts are $29.99 on


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