Krazy Fit Introduces New Fitness Craze With Bungee Cords

There’s a new exciting way of getting “Krazy Fit” in town. Krazy Fit Detroit, a fitness studio specializing in Bungee Fit and Jump Fit has opened its doors in Allen Park, MI. The studio located at 5127 Allen Rd. Allen Park, MI 48101, provides a fun way to maximize workouts without strain and injury to the joints using the bungee cords and kangoo boots to reduce impact. Available to anyone ages 12 and up, the studio is currently offering new attendees their first class for free.


“We wanted to provide a fun way to exercise for everyone, no matter where they are in their fitness journey.” says co-founder of Krazy Fit Detroit, Dione Johnson. “My husband and I both have been in the nursing field for 24 years and we’ve seen all types of injuries. These workouts are great for cardio, core, flexibility, and balance.”


In addition to being fun workouts both Bungee Fit and Jump Fit consist of many benefits. Bungee Fit is a 20-minute workout consisting of several traditional moves including Squats, Jumping Jacks, Push ups, and Burpees while being connected to the bungee rope. The bungee rope allows low impact resistance training, stretches every muscle group, increases blood flow, and increases metabolism.


Jump Fit is a 45-minute workout in kangoo boots. Working out in these innovative boots reduces impact shock, induces rapid fat loss, increases endurance, improves core strength and balance, and optimizes cardiovascular health.

Classes are available in the morning and evening Monday – Saturday. Drop in classes start at $15.00. Packages and personal training are also available.


For more information on how to get Krazy Fit and register for your free class visit: You can also follow Krazy Fit socially via Facebook and Instagram.



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