DOPE Dads In The D! 2019

Father’s Day is always a reminder for me that my dad is no longer here and how much

I miss his presence in my life. I often wish he was here for me to laugh with and, more importantly, had the chance to let him know how much he still means to me.

This contemplation led me to realize, sadly, how much we don’t publicly appreciate our fathers. On Mother’s Day, the world almost comes to a halt and while mothers are very deserving of all the shine they receive, so are our fathers, especially our black men who are fathers.

Black men often make the front page of the news for so many negative things, and I am using this opportunity and space to change that narrative and celebrate some excellent fathers in Detroit. These men are entrepreneurs, mentors, artists, and educators, but most importantly they are down to earth, dope dads.


Chris Harris, Owner Of CJ Heart Studios, Director Of Operations

Best Dad Advice: Being a dad is more than just being a father to your own child. Its the responsibility of being a dad to your whole community

Proudest Dad Moment: Proudest dad moment is seeing my daughter is in love with herself. Self-love is self-taught.

Pick your Dad Type: Obama, Dre Johnson (Blackish) or Jay-Z My dad type is Dad is Obama.



Maxcel Hardy, Celebrity Chef, and Restaurateur

Best Dad Advice: Now that my kids are older, I realize that they need me more for advice. When they are going through things, I understand that sometimes they don’t always need me to talk at them, but rather be around them and provide a shoulder to lean on. Knowing when to talk and when to just listen is key.

Proudest Dad Moment: Being able to create a legacy with my children. My daughters are getting older and I have created businesses that they can be a part of and grow with and they want to be a part, that makes me proud.

Pick Your Dad Type (Obama, Dre Johnson (Blackish) or Jay-Z): Jay-Z



Patrick Mills, Entrepreneur, Total Cleaning Pro, LLC.

Best Dad Advice: My best advice is that more is caught than taught. Your children pay more attention to what you do than what you say. Always strive to live your principles.

Proudest Dad Moment: I love to see my children implementing a skill they learned from me. It’s a very rewarding feeling.

Pick your Dad Type: Obama, Dre Johnson (Blackish) or Jay-Z My Dad type is President Obama. He’s famous for his corny turkey jokes, and my family finds all of my jokes to be corny.


Branden Michael Hunter, Journalist for the Michigan Chronicle

Best dad advice: Don’t try to give your kids what you never received; teach them what you were never taught.

Proudest dad moment: Watching my son compete in sports. Every father has that goal of being that crazy sports dad and I’m on my way!

Pick your Dad Type: Obama, Dre Johnson (Blackish) or Jay-Z: I’m going to go with Jay-Z because he’s my favorite rapper. Like Hov, I just sit back and let my son, Landen, have the spotlight.



Damond Bowers, Entrepreneur

Best Dad Advice: Always pay close attention to your Kids

Proudest Dad Moment: When she was born and started crying she looked me in my eyes and her tears went away.

Pick your Dad Type: Obama, Dre Johnson (Blackish) or Jay-Z: Jay-Z


Mic Phelps, Music artist

Best Dad Advice: Don’t just tell your kids how to be and what to do. Show them with your own actions.  They’re watching even when we aren’t.

Proudest Dad Moment: My proudest dad moment was the other day I fell asleep on the couch with the remote in my hand watching an old boxing match.  My sons came in the room and tried to change the channel and I opened my eyes and said “I’m watching that”.  They replied “But you were sleep!”  I replied in all of my dad glory and at peak fatherdom, “I wasn’t sleep I was resting my eyes, now give me that remote and go clean your room.”

Pick Your Dad Type (Obama, Dre Johnson (Blackish) or Jay-Z): Obama because he has the help of his beautiful wife to raise his children and without Ashley Michele it’d be almost impossible to du this on my own.



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