Black Girl Magic: Kelli Coleman & Anika Jackson – The TEN Nail Bar

Detroit’s first modern nail bar, The TEN Nail Bar, will be expanding to its second location May 2019 in the historic New Center neighborhood. The TEN Nail Bar is an elevated nail care experience curated to provide stellar customer service and workmanship catered for all guests. The TEN won the hearts of Detroit residents and workers when it became the first full-service nail salon to open downtown in 2016.

Ahead of their upcoming grand opening, Owners Kelli Coleman and Anika Jackson chopped it up with City.Life.Style. about all things Nails, Expansion, Women Partnerships, and Black Girl Magic:

City.Life.Style: How did your concept for the TEN Nail Bar develop?

Kelli Coleman & Anika Jackson: We both wanted to contribute to the redevelopment of our beloved city. While living in other major metros (Kelli in NYC and Anika in Chicago) we discussed several different businesses that we could potentially pursue together. We noticed that while downtown Detroit was building new residential, attracting companies back to the area, and investing in dining/entertainment – there was a lack of personal services. After many years of living in thriving urban centers, we both know how important personal services and amenities are for a well-rounded living experience. After further deliberation on numbers, scalability, and overall need, we decided on an elevated nail care destination.

CLS: Many think it’s difficult for women to be partners, how do you maintain a healthy business partnership?

Coleman & Jackson: We work very closely together on The TEN and have a shared vision for its future, as well as shared values. While we have a lot in common we also have very complementary skill sets and respect one another strengths, practice deference when necessary, as well as practice very direct communication. Above all, we have genuine respect and trust in one another. Like any other relationship – business or otherwise- we are committed to having integrity and the best interest of the whole before any individual.

CLS: What sets you apart and makes you stand out in the beauty service industry?

Coleman & Jackson: The TEN is committed to the customer experience and an elevated level of service, comfort, and community without sacrificing convenience. We believe that quality workmanship is not enough. While we are committed to excellent work product, we are also committed to the importance of providing a haven for self-care. Additionally, we are about building sustainable careers for women, overall economic development, as well as equipping our business with tech-enabled features that offer added convenience for customers and employees.

CLS: How to balance your personal, family life with the demands of your business?

Coleman & Jackson: There will always be times in life when some area of responsibility is receiving more attention than another. That is the reality. There is no proverbial ‘balance.’ Therefore it is important to manage time as best as we can, make sure that we are remaining fulfilled and prayed up 🙂 to be able to pour into our loved ones and our businesses as we need to. We don’t just promote self-care, we genuinely practice it.

CLS: What can customers expect at your second location? Any new services or perks?

Coleman & Jackson: The TEN II will be double the size at 2,500 square feet and serve as the first full-service nail salon to open in New Center. The New Center location will be offering the same experience “they know and love” — including complimentary wine and Champagne and chick flicks — “with some awesome enhancements.” For instance, The TEN II will offer full body waxing services as well as areas for hosting parties.

CLS: How do you describe Black Girl Magic?

Coleman & Jackson: The embodiment of beauty, power, and resilience. We hold a pure dopeness that every black woman exudes, which beholds not only her internal and external beauty and grace.

The New Center location will be officially open Saturday, May 18th, 2019 at 10:00 am located at 6541 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI. Booking can be made on their website at


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