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Millennials are making money moves in business, social activism and pop culture, but something that we may overlook is how this generation’s women are ROCKING IT at Beauty, Brains, Business, and MOTHERHOOD!! Here are few of the Maven Moms in the D!

Erin Perry

Freelance editor and full-time Ph.D. student

“In addition to editing fiction and non-fiction works, I am studying the effects of new media on the journalism profession. “

Best Mom Advice: Practice self-regard so that you can practice selflessness. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.

Favorite Mom Moment: Before my son went to bed one night, we had a dance-off to the clean version of “Best Life” by Cardi B and Chance the Rapper. Maxwell won when he hit the splits on my husband and me. What happened to “honor thy father and thy mother?” He didn’t have to do us like that.

Pick your Mom Type (Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B): Mix ‘em together, and you get me. I love rants that teach memorable lessons depicting the consequences of not treating people right. Think: “You ain’t never gonna have anybody bringing you anything anywhere anyplace anytime eva!” I will continue to teach my son to stay gracious and remember that the best revenge is his paper. And finally, being his mother is a major part of why I am truly living my best life.

Gwen Jimmere

CEO & Founder of Naturalicious

“Grinding hard everyday to eliminate the time, frustration and expense women have with their hair via our award-winning hair and skin care products”

Best Mom Advice: My mom taught (and still teaches me) so much, but one of my favorites is “Everything starts at home”. The things you allow your kids to do at home, they will do outside the home — that goes for good and not-so-good actions. Nip problems in the bud at home and you have to worry less about them acting out in public.

Favorite Mom Moment: My son, Caiden, thinks I’m famous. LOL He went to school and during technology time, he told all his friends to “Google my mom” and then instructed them to make a digital collage out of the photos they found of me. It was a proud and hilarious moment for me. I started my company when he was 2, as a single mom with $32 in the bank. Now we’re in thousands of stores and sold all over the world. My drive has always stemmed from wanting to make him proud; and to know that no matter what circumstances life gives us, if we work hard and stay prayed up and all we will do is win. It made me really happy to know that I’m making my son super proud, but also to see the manifestation of me teaching him resilience and tenacity through a great example

Pick your Mom Type (Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B): Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B – Definitely Bey with a splash of Claire.

Kimberly Dobine

Owner of Posh and Popular LLC, and the Founder of the Fashion and Beauty Summit and the P.O.S.H and Popular Foundation

“Blogger turned Event Producer who is passionate about empowering women within the fashion and beauty industry with stylishly curated events and content. “

Best Mom Advice: Be unapologetic about how you choose to care for your child and do what you want for your child. Don’t let anyone make you feel insecure about the choices you’re making for the betterment of your family. Be over the top with your love for your child. I believe showing your child how important they are to you is just as important as showing your spouse how much they mean to you. Be intentional about the time you spend with them, because you can never get it back. Make the most of each moment and do what your heart tells you to do!

Favorite Mom Moment: There are so many favorites for me. I love the hundreds of hugs and kisses I get from my baby girl, but if I had to choose an absolute favorite moment, it would be planning and designing her first birthday party! Seeing the joy on her face was priceless. She is only one, but she knew that day was all about her. It just melts my heart any time I am able to do something special for her.

Pick your Mom Type (Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B): Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B : Clair Huxtable with a hint of Cardi B

LaShandra Harris

Founder/Owner of Light Heart Designs and co-owner of CJ Heart Studios, LLC

“I am a creator of beautiful paper flowers and paper crafts, and I also assist with the paper art backdrops and other craft decor used with photography services at our studio.”

Best Mom Advice: Take the time to be present with your children and active in their lives. Create memories with your children, expose them to the world with travel. Read books and enjoy conversations with your children. Never turn down those kisses and hugs, and always remain a positive and encouraging role model in your children’s lives.

Favorite Mom Moment: It is too many to list! But I will say that when my daughter says “You’re the best Mommy ever” or “I’m thankful for everything you do for me – I’m glad that you’re my Mom”… my heart smiles every time she says it.

Pick Your Mom Type (Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B): In my eyes, being a “Millennial Mom” is definitely a mix of Beyoncé with Cardi B – and this is the perfect blend for me! Beyoncé brings the fierce, entrepreneur business woman – working hard building an empire with her husband; while Cardi B is the fun, outspoken and straight to the point kind of woman. Both show relentless love for their children while working hard within their careers.

Kelley L. Suggs

Marketing Director -Christian Tabernacle Church

Owner-Suggsinct Communications

Chief Communications Officer-The Social MVP

“I handle all things Communications, Media, Public Relations, and Marketing related.”

Best Mom Advice: Maintaining the balance between faith, family, friends, and fun is key. Though I work full-time and have 2 business, mom guilt is real, but I realize “me time” in never overrated. I need time with my husband and son, time with my friends, time traveling, and time with books (where I often find my escape from reality). As moms, we’re not always told we’re doing a good job, nor do we always know. But, the reward is seeing your child happy, smiling, in good spirits, excelling, and giving you hugs and kisses! There’s no scale to rank how well you’re “mom-ing.” Just follow the small, still voice God put inside you to guide your actions as a mom.

Favorite mom moment: I enjoy story time before bed when it’s just me and my mini. Storytime is quite hilarious, as my son has remixes to many of his favorite books. We say prayers together, he hugs me tight, and we give goodnight kisses. The kid says the sweetest, “I love you” that melts my heart. He and my husband even have a special/secret handshake they do before “lights out,” too. I wholeheartedly enjoy the bond my husband and son have. It’s amazingly joyful to watch.

Pick your Mom Type (Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B): I had to ask my husband this question. I’m Clair Huxtable because (in the words of my husband) I’m conservative, lovable, witty, understanding, reasonable, nurturing, elegant, and beautiful. See why I married him? 🙂

Tatiana Grant

Co-Founder, 2050 Partners, Inc.; President, Flash Delivery and Renaissance Mom Co.

“Serial entrepreneur who owns and manages an integrated marketing agency that is focused on PR, community engagement, and events; Flash Delivery, Detroit’s first food delivery service; and Renaissance Mom, a lifestyle brand that celebrates Motherhood.”

Best Mom Advice: You can do it! “It” can be anything. I am learning and living this currently, and feel that Motherhood levels you up to be able to do “anything”.

Favorite Mom Moment: Holding, cuddling, and singing “Good Morning” and “This is the day, the Lord has made” songs to my daughter EVERY morning. That’s our very special time.

Pick your Mom Type (Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B): Cardi B

Brandi Taylor

Makeup Artist

Best Mom Advice: Trust your gut. Do what works for you and don’t compare yourself to other moms.

Favorite Mom Moment: My daughter did her first solo when she was 6 years old. Her performance brought me to tears. She told me she wanted to sing and I never questioned it. I worked with her on the song and she exceeded my expectations. She wants to sing and perform on Broadway. I am proud to be her mom and I love to see her using her gifts and talents.

Pick your Mom Type (Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B): Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B – I would have to say Beyonce. I go hard on my craft but family first.

Kieara Johnson

Co-Founder of Charge Bot, LLC

Smart vending machine company that dispenses unique cell phone chargers.

Best Mom Advice: Trying to balance work/business and parenthood can be difficult. As you move along, remember when the days blur together and your routine is off schedule, make the choice to see those days and moments as small pieces to a beautiful bigger picture.

Favorite Mom Moment: As a mother of two beautiful daughters, 14 and 1 years old, my favorite mom moments are the same. Waking up in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping, looking them in the eyes, singing, praying, while telling them how much I loved them.

Pick your Mom Type (Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B): Clair Huxtable, Beyonce or Cardi B – I am definitely as Clair Huxtable mom, mixed with a little Cardi B.




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