The Flats at 124 Alfred offer affordable housing for Detroiters 55 and older

The city of Detroit and Bedrock celebrated the completion of an innovative affordable housing option designed for residents who are 55 years and older in Detroit’s historic Brush Park neighborhood just minutes from downtown. A part of Bedrock’s 8.4-acre City Modern development, “The Flats at 124 Alfred” is the first of six total apartment buildings to be completed.

“When we broke ground on City Modern in November of 2016 on the very spot that is accepting residents today, we had an inclusive vision for this community,” said Bill Emerson, Bedrock CEO. “We prioritized completing The Flats at 124 Alfred first because we know there is a huge demand in Detroit for affordable housing options, and today we celebrate a milestone in our commitment to building and preserving hundreds of affordable units in the coming years.”

The Flats at 124 Alfred contain 54 apartments for-lease offering breathtaking balcony views of Detroit, light-filled interior spaces and open floor plans. One-bedroom units range from 600-735 square feet and include floor-to-ceiling windows, walk-in closets and energy efficient, stainless steel appliances. The complex is equipped with a fitness center, residential lounge with a large outdoor terrace, outdoor garden spaces, bike share, gated underground parking and high-speed internet. These units are open to residents that are 55 years and older who earn 30-60 percent of the Area Median Income (from $14,910 to $29,820 for a single person).

“Brush Park and City Modern is quickly becoming one of the city’s hottest neighborhoods with new construction and redevelopment lined up for years to come,” said Mayor Mike Duggan. “And here we have an entire new 54-unit building reserved for low-income seniors who will be able to live affordably right in the heart of this incredible revitalization.”

The building was designed by Detroit-based Hamilton Anderson Associates using Detroit’s industrial heritage as inspiration. The Flats at 124 Alfred add to the diverse mix of architecture, community and lifestyle choices at City Modern.

“All of us at HAA are pleased to have been part of this historic project for the City of Detroit,” said Hamilton Anderson Associates Principal Rainy Hamilton. “Our mission mirrors that of Bedrock and our city leaders – we are rebuilding Detroit, one home, one block and one neighborhood at a time – an inclusive community for all to enjoy.”

Affordable Housing Commitment

 In 2017, Bedrock made a commitment to the city of Detroit that 20 percent of its residential portfolio would be dedicated to affordable housing units.

Over the next several years, Bedrock plans to develop or rehabilitate a total of up to 3,500 residential rental units. This means 700 units of affordable housing will be added and preserved within Detroit’s market.

In addition to building brand-new units, this commitment also represents preservation and renovation of existing affordable housing in order to help keep long-time residents in their homes and ensure that future residents will have access to affordable housing options in the greater downtown area.

City Modern Development

City Modern is a groundbreaking, community development that combines historic properties with modern design. This expansive, mixed-use development helps to restore the innovation, style and diversity that is inherent to the historic Brush Park district.

In 2016, the City of Detroit was designated a UNESCO “City of Design,” becoming the first American city to receive this honor. City Modern seeks to embody that designation, creating a place that illustrates how the design process can thoughtfully and beautifully resolve longstanding urban issues. To that end, the mixed-use, mixed-income development vision will include elements such as a connective string of pedestrian parks, alleys designed as sustainable infrastructure, green roofs and shared transportation systems.

The development encompasses four existing Victorian mansions with 20 new buildings in the City Modern masterplan. When combined, these 24 buildings will result in five different building typologies – Townhomes, Carriage Homes, The Duplettes, Historic Homes, and the Flats- and create a total of 410 contemporary residential units, 285 which will be for-lease. This deliberate blend of historic and modern architecture celebrates the past, while looking toward the future to create a 21st century narrative for Brush Park and Detroit.

When complete more than 20 percent of the total 285 for-lease units in City Modern will be designated affordable.

Bedrock and Hamilton Anderson Associates were awarded the 24th annual Congress of New Urbanism’s grand prize for the architectural blend that City Modern embodies.

As one of the largest and most central residential neighborhoods adjacent to downtown Detroit, Brush Park is perfectly situated to serve as a link between downtown and midtown, creating an ideal location for all types of residents.


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