STEM + STYLE = Eumelanin

Deirdre Robinson, the Detroit based Chemist who is combining STEM & style through her work and the creation of Eumelanin clothing line + education brand. Using science as a way to celebrate self-love, Robinson created her fashion line to not only educate, but craft a bold statement apparel line to celebrate culture.

Her mission is to promote self-love, diversity and combat colorism through fashion, holding a firm mission through her work to combine chemistry and culture. Robinson is making money moves by securing placement in three Macy’s Department stores in (Michigan, Philly, and Atlanta) beginning March 2019. She shares with City.Life.Style more about her passion and brand Eumelanin.
City.Life.Style: Share a little about your background and what inspired this brand?

Deirdre Robinson: I am a chemist, creative and entrepreneur. I work by day as a Scientific Chemist, and night as an Entrepreneur under the Eumelanin brand. I fell in love with Chemistry while attending Cass Tech and understood that S.T.E.M is the birthplace of where the majority of problems are solved from health to tech, and in order for the problems that plague our communities to be addressed, we must be present to speak up about them and make them a priority.

I discovered I could combine my creative side and focus on the concept of S.T.E.M. This birthed the foundation to why I am a chemist, creative and entrepreneur.

I was in a pitch competition for my company Motor City S.T.E.A.M with two other black female scientists and I decided to put the chemical structure of Melanin on my shirt in hopes the judges would ask what it was. We won the competition and everyone loved the shirt and so I decided to create a wearable brand. After I released the shirts online in March they sold out in 6 hours and at that point, I knew I was on to something and that is how Eumelanin was born.

CLS: How do you fuse the message of “self-love” in with science and your brand?
Robinson: Eumelanin combines science with fashion by using the inspiration from melanated skin tones as the palette for its apparel colors and infusing the chemical structure of melanin in all of our jewelry designs. The line allows customers to boldly wear their values; It says “I am Melananted and proud.” It allows us to love and affirm ourselves, our beauty and say we love our melanin in a world where we are told not to. It changes the conversation from melanin being seen as a threat to it being fashionable, empowering and beautiful. Eumelanin allows us to stylishly proclaim the beauty and design of our blackness; scientifically know as our MELANIN.

CLS: What’s next for you, your brand and business?
Robinson: Our brand will be in 3 select Macy’s stores beginning Spring 2019. We will continue to build and expand the brand educating and addressing colorism in our communities.
The more representation we have, the more minorities we have in S.T.E.A.M careers improves the lives of minority groups by making sure we find solutions to our problems.
This will lay the foundation for our brand building and expansion through education, apparel, and campaign development.
For more information on Deirdre Robinson and Eumelanin visit and follow on Instagram @eumelanin_


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