The Historic People’s Community Church (PCC), located in Detroit, is a Singing, Praying, Tithing, Teaching, Serving, and Loving Church.


1)He/she has accountability to the Congregation and to the governing boards (Board of Stewards and Board of Trustees). The Senior Minister’s primary responsibility is to conduct the religious services of the Church and to perform all duties pertaining to his/her office. The Senior Minister shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer and Spiritual Leader of the Church, and in cooperation with the governing boards, coordinate and administer the various Church ministries.

2) is also responsible for leading, developing, and inspiring staff and volunteers in achieving high levels of performance and service to the Church and surrounding community. Required to regularly visit members who are sick and shut-in or in institutions of care.

3) is responsible for conducting weekly Bible study classes that aid individuals in developing a better understanding of God’s word, which helps to foster a more meaningful and deeper commitment to the Church and service to others.

4) is expected to maintain office hours that support the needs of the Church and Congregation.

  • Must be a graduate of a University and a graduate of a Theological Seminary with a divinity degree or its equivalent.
  • Must have actively pastored at least three (3) years over a Congregation that is recognized by the National Council of Churches.
  • Must have demonstrated preaching, pastoral, and Church administration experience.
  • Must have
  • highly developed communication skills,
  • interpersonal skills and integrity in providing confidential counseling to members and others; sensitive and compassionate to the needs of others.


TO APPLY: Please forward your resume to:

The Historic People’s Community Church, 8601 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48202

Attn: Paul Williams, Jr., Board of Stewards

or to:

Church email address:


Church office: (313) 871-4676






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