ASIM Supreme offers all-natural hair and skin products

Akil Asim Jabbar’s best-selling product is his all-natural wave pomade.

Like many entrepreneurs who create hair or skincare products, Akil Asim Jabbar battled with adult acne for years. He tried just about every product on the market and then someone introduced him to black soap and Shea butter.

“I went out and bought some from the Greenfield Plaza and it started clearing my skin almost immediately,” said Jabbar, who hails from Detroit. “And as I continued to use it, I started wondering why it wasn’t in regular stores or why it wasn’t packaged properly. It would just be wrapped in plastic.”

While continuing to use it on his own skin for years, Jabbar bought a bulk of black soap and Shea butter from New York and decided to sell it over one weekend. It did so well, he created his own company in 2013 called ASIM Supreme Products. The sole purpose of ASIM Supreme Products is to provide a superior quality product line for skin and hair care. The company currently has 22 products, offering everything from Shea butter and black soap to body wash and wave pomade.

“The business started almost by accident,” Jabbar said. “People kept demanding the black soap and Shea butter, so that’s when I started printing labels and promoting my new business. People would even ask me about body wash. I didn’t have it at the time, but I fronted like I did. I continued to add products and my business grew.”

ASIM Supreme Products are imported directly from Ghana. The products are all-natural, organic, and affordable, from $2.99 black soap to $19.99 elite wave and scalp butter. Jabbar breaks down, cooks, and packages everything himself and guarantees that his products are the absolute best in quality.

“I used to sell a coconut oil, similar to a hair conditioner, and customers would complain about how it had petroleum in it,” said Jabbar. “Petroleum is harmful to the hair, so I scrapped that product and created my own. I did some research and taught myself how to create my own wave pomade, which is my best-seller.”

Jabbar’s business has been featured in Essence Magazine, and he said he has customers all the way in New York City, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. His products can be found at, or on social media on Twitter and Instagram.

“I want to be bigger than Shea Moisture and Dove soaps,” Jabbar said. “There weren’t a lot of people making black soap when I started, outside of Shea Moisture. But even they don’t have natural black soap like I do. I’m motivated and focused on taking my company to the top. I want to get my products in everyone’s household.”





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