Now Smile For The Camera. Click. Click. Click. With Fancy Flash Photo Booth

City.Life.Style. is about all things #OnTrend and the latest crave for any party corporate or social is the “Seflie Booths.” Long gone are the days of the airbrushed backdrop and waiting in line for your group photo to memorialize your outing, now you can pose it up with props, graphics and so much more. Sarena Harris of Fancy Flash Photo Booth is one of Detroit’s premier booth rental companies and gives us tips on photo booths, selfies and more:


City.Life.Style: What is Fancy Flash Photo Booth?

Sarena Harris: Fancy Flash Photo Booth is an upscale, modern spin on traditional photo booth fun! We specialize in curated photo booth experiences for weddings, corporate activations, and special events.

CLS: How did you decide on this business?

Harris: In 2015 I was planning a birthday party for my daughter and I began to search for photo booth companies. I was also fasting from social media and television so mind was very clear and focused. Throughout the research process for the party, I begin to think, photo booths seemed like a great way to add supplemental income to our household and more importantly I thought it would be fun…making people smile every day. Because of the fast, I had tons of time to brainstorm and plan. Within months Fancy Flash was born!

CLS: What makes your product different from others on the market?

Harris: One of the things that make Fancy Flash different is the quality of our photos. People constantly tell us that they can’t believe a photo booth can take such flattering photos! We also believe in making each event different! Themes are our thing! Instead of random viking helmets and outdated phrases, we like a more modern and focused approach where people can really make a statement through their photos and take the event to the next level!


CLS: What’s next for your business and where can people reach/follow you?

Harris: Fancy Flash will begin hiring to expand our team and be able to service more events! We will also begin to focus more on our self-service digital brand, Social Snap Digital Booth.


5 Tips to Take The Best Selfie:

  1. Lighting is EVERYTHING! : A great picture begins with an excellent light source. Luckily we have that covered!
  2. It’s all about the angles: Elongate your neck and relax your shoulders.
  3. Ditch the “sorority girl squat”: Squatting makes you look shorter and hides your outfit. Taking a great photo is all about looking long and sleek.
  4. Relax: Don’t overthink your pose, do what comes naturally!
  5. Smile: Duck lips or the look away pose can be super hard to nail. A genuine smile will produce the best results.

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