Ride with Clora Funeral Home on election day

Clora Funeral Home will use its fleet of limos to transport people on election day.

With a number of Detroit’s more prominent black-owned funeral homes being in the news lately for not disposing of bodies properly and other violations, it is refreshing to hear about an establishment using its resources to serve the community positively.
Clora Funeral Home, which has two locations in Detroit and one in River Rouge, is offering free rides to the voting polls Tuesday, November 6 from 7-6 p.m. They are calling the initiative “Limos to the Polls” and those in need of transportation on election day are urged to call 313-733-4610 or any of the funeral homes to schedule a ride.
“We are going to be using all of our resources that God has blessed us with to help get the city of Detroit, River Rouge, and other surrounding cities to the polls to vote,” said owner Major C. Clora Jr. on the Mildred Gaddis radio show. “If you do not have a ride, Clora Funeral Home is doing Limos to the Polls. We will have all of our limousines out in the city that day making sure people get out to vote.”
Ride-sharing companies Uber Lyft are offering free rides to the polls as well on election day. All such rides will be free, funded by Uber, Lyft and the non-profit groups #VoteTogether and Democracy Works. The A. Phillip Randolph Institute is also offering free rides on Tuesday. Buses and trains in Los Angeles will be free on election day as well. It is not clear if the city of Detroit will provide similar service.
“This election is one of the more important elections of our lifetime,” Clora added.
Clora is the president and founder of Clora Funeral Home, becoming the youngest funeral home owner in the state of Michigan in 2008. He is a graduate of Cass Tech and the Wayne State University School of Mortuary Science. Clora was also the second African-American to serve as class president of the School of Mortuary Science at Wayne State.
He established the Clora Funeral Home Scholarship, which is awarded to students who are majoring in the field of science.


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