The Perfect Gift with Merci Cadeaux

Nicole Nelson – Merci Cadeaux

It’s officially Fall; which means Winter and the season of gift-giving are right around the corner. If you are like most people you want to give the perfect gift, however, that can be a challenge. No worries, it’s Merci Cadeaux to rescue:
City.Life.Style: What is Merci Cadeaux?
Niccole Nelson: Merci Cadeaux is a gift concierge service and boutique. My concierge gift service “Take No Thought™” allows you the freedom in your schedule while keeping you connected to those you love and serve. Having personalized gifts and greetings designed that tell a story between you and the recipient in an extraordinary gift. By sharing your favorite things about them and some favorites of theirs, relieves the stress and nuances of shopping and finding the perfect gift(s).
CLS: How did you decide on this business?
Nelson: It started as hobby. Making Easter baskets and birthday gifts for my children. Then friends and coworkers wanted gifts made with my unique approach and it took off from there. Tweaking some things and adding the concierge gift service “Take No Thought™” happened in the last year and here were are.
CLS: What makes your product different from others on the market?
Nelson: As mentioned, it started with my children. Showing someone including my children, they matter and we all bring value to someone’s life daily is what was most important. No matter the financial, economic or social status we all are valuable in some way. I like being and helping others find that voice to express the worth they find in family, friends and clients. The memories and moments we share with others is the story told in your gift. That’s my unique approach to gift giving. It’s more than the thought that counts
CLS: What’s next for your business?
Nelson: What’s next for Merci Cadeaux is pop-up shops around Detroit and the metro area. I’d like to get from behind my computer and out in front of the people more. I’d also like to partner with local bakeries to offer my greeting cards and invitations to their patrons. Allowing them to be one stop shops for those planning events and celebrating special occasions.
For more information visit and follow Merci Cadeaux on IG @mercicadeaux

  • 5 Tips on Selecting The Perfect Gift:
    • Don’t over think it! Going BIG doesn’t mean physically or literally. Small gestures done with great heart are just as awesome.
    • Consider how you want them to feel upon receiving your gift.
    • Presentation is everything! Not just what you wrap it in, but how you present it.
    • Details. Details. The love is in the details.
    • When all else fails, call Merci Cadeaux



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